Bad Collet?

Hi Group. Does this look like a bad collet? It will do this on the 3 different bits I’ve tried. In Looking at the collet itself I see no damage or indication of stress. Searched the Forum and found no other complaints like this.

It’s really hard to see because you can’t see much of the spindle shaft, but it appears that the spindle shaft is wobbling.

It looks to me like the bearing in your spindle is in very bad shape. But the good news is that your collet is fine.

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That’s what I first thought but there is no play in the shaft. Then I wonder if it has always been that way. I only found this because I started to drill holes for a cribbage board and found the hole much too wide with a bit that should have been perfect.

That’s funny…“your 5 dollar collet is fine but the 150 buck router is toast” : )


Mount something you can use as a pointer ( a pin or nail etc) that you can place it next to the spindle shaft so that you can see if the gap between the pin and the shaft changes as you turn the spindle.

Bearings aren’t too bad.

Ok, you can barely see it but the shaft does look like there is a small amount of wobble. I thought I’d get more than 7 months of use out of this router before I had issues with it. I guess it is time to move on to the spindle. Thanks folks!

Take a look at the threaded part of the spindle shaft. I had 2 crack and they wobbled bad.

The dewalt has a 1 year warranty, look for a local service center.

Chris! You got it man. There is a hairline crack. I will get it fixed but I was looking to move on to a spindle anyways. I use a cove bit and there has been chatter that I’m guessing is the cause. Might have over tightened the collet too, eh. Well thanks again everyone. Oh, sorry for the loud music in the video…wasn’t thinking when I first shot the video.

What collets are you using? Are you using an aftermarket 1/8" collet?

Hobbs meter? Where’d you get yours?