Beaglebone Black connected to x-controller instead of laptop?

I was wondering if anyone has hooked up a BBB or maybe even a RaspPi to an x-controller? My dust control isn’t great so my laptop gets some dust so I was hoping to move it further away and utilizing a BBB or RaspPi to interface with the x-controller. I was either going to use UGS to send gcode to the x-controller, unless there is a way to bridge EaselLocal into an “EaselRemote” and send things that way?

Worst case is, maybe I’ll make a networked app and a virtual serial port that easel local can connect to. Anyone else do something along these lines?


There are a few posts on here about the different options. You may want to search for the posts.

Personally, I use a RPi3 and UGCS to control my Xcontroller. I’ll connect via VNC to the Rpi either through my laptop or iPad and it works perfectly (given you don’t want to visualize the Gcode…that part doesn’t work). There are some other options involving an Easel “proxy server” on the Rpi connecting to Easel on another computer but I don’t remember the specifics since UGCS works.

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At home I use a RaspPi3 to connect using the driver supplied by NathanielCaza in the post How much interest for Linux and ChromeOS support? it works wonderfully and allows me to connect remotely with my Linux system over the network using x-carve proxy as listed X-Carve Wireless Proxy Tutorial Using a Raspberry Pi I also use UGS and Bcnc sometimes Chillipeppr and have played with LaserWeb3. I could not be happier with my setup using the RaspPi.

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try using the x-carve proxy with the Linux driver it works great for me.

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I have been considering on doing this myself. (raspberry pi 3 that is)

Just to clear up my prior post, after I read it today I see that it could be misconstrued as if I only connected remotely from my Linux system. I use my RaspPi 3 locally with a monitor and a keypad like this one at alliexpress it allows me to control the machine and jog it as I stand right there and watch. Very handy to have and use. Again could not be happier with this setup as it is small but very versatile and functions great in every way.