Belt mounting and tightening tips

I have had the belts mounted ok, for a long time, but suddenly they started to skid. Maybe the tension was a bit to tight. But, I have now mounted them again. This time with extra help from super glue gel together with shrinking tubes and strips.

I know, super glue will make problems if the belts must be dismounted, but I have extra parts :blush:


Ha, this is great. USE ALL THE METHODS. Good work.

I don’t think it will cause you too much grief if you have to remove the belts, it might just be more cumbersome.

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While your installation looks clean, I must say that I have not had any problems with the little belt tabs that came with my machine.

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Me too, but now it suddenly slipped.
This is my paranoya solution😁

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The belt clips that Inventables introduced with the new Xcarve work well. I bought a set to add to my machine while doing the single piece X axis.

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I had to do the same thing. only I stopped using zip ties
I used contact cement to hold the belt like you did.

Only belt problem is there is nothing to hold belt against belt on bottom.
If you follow this link down to 32nd, you’ll see my solution working with no problems over a year now. No glues, no zip ties.

The second insert nut gives additional bearing surface for the belt to rest against in the maker slide and the upturned portion of the nut tends to bite in a little on the belt improving the grip.

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