Best Dust Shoe / Boot Design EVER ! "Suckit"

Many of us got in on the Kickstarter at a slight discount a couple months ago. The maker is now selling them at

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According to the site, STL files will be available soon (but I doubt it will ever happen).

I would search these boards before buying anything though. There are better/more innovative ways to incorporate a dust boot with your X-Carve. My favorite so far is from Peter Parfitt.

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Which one is Peter Parfitt’s one? Can you share a link?

I purchased Suckit, I think is the best I’ve seen so far.

What is more innovative about other solutions?

I understand.

Can you point a link yo yout design to check it out?

I haven’t seen an update, so for anyone wondering - Backer number 125 just got sent a tracker. Looking forward to getting it!

Sure. Here ya go;

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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What’s the shipping time you guys are seeing? Mine shipped today, I’m 119. Shipping to the Midwest.

I saw mine in 4days

2 days from Ontario to West Virginia.

Hey Joseph, I just saw your post and I checked your ETA. When I created your waybill I was given June 2… which is tomorrow! They seem to be pretty acurate, so keep your eyes peeled! :grinning: Cheers! Jenn

I saw that it said tomorrow, but I thought that would be crazy fast. Awesome!

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I know…head shake right? These guys don’t mess around! :grinning:


I just got mine, like less than a min ago. Shipped out on the 31st. Super excited to get it all together

Lucky you. Number 49 and still waiting, I missed an email on 18 May offering “expedited” delivery to the UK , subsequently advised that the item was despatched on 19 May with a delivery time of 2 to 6 weeks and with no tracking!

Nasty stuff, well when you do get it; go super light on the screws that hold the rail in place. I managed to crack all of them lol~

Yeeeeup, really, REALLY light on the allen key! I manage to crack only one of mine, fixed it with some solvent weld. :slight_smile:

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I received mine today just like tracking predicted, I can’t believe how quickly it was transported from Canada to the states.

Assembly was a cinch, having read @DanBrown warning from a few days ago, I managed to mount without any mishap.
It worked really well and I’m very happy with it. Because of my bumper clamp I had to keep the brushes raised a bit, since I was cutting 1/4 mdf today. But even so there was hardly anything that escaped and definitely not the nasty fine powder.

I did try it with briefly with a larger piece where I could set it down all the way and it was great and seemed to get every bit of dust. We’ll see what tomorrow brings when I try it with some heavier cutting. I’m excited to keep my v-wheels and rails clean!

Here is my setup since I’m using 1 1/4 hose I used an adapter.


I’ll be getting my replacement clamps in tomorrow (going to a horizontal clamping style instead of the vertical toggles I’ve been using) and I’ll be able to fire it up for an actual test! Been killin’ me to have it sitting there without running it!

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I just posted a video on YouTube on how to cut a hole for the Festool hose for those of you who bought the SuckIt without a vacuum hose hole…

I’d like to see the clamps and how they work for you.

It has been interesting finding the sweet spot for the level of the bristles. If the machine was rigid enough it wouldn’t matter, but I still have enough flex that if they press too much on my long bumper clamp I get uneven carves. The boot works well enough that even if it is hovering just above the material it sucks up nearly everything, so it isn’t really a problem, but there are some thoughts I have had, which I will post separately.