Ultimate Dust Boot for X-Carve with the Dewalt Router

Hi Everyone,

I know this has been approached in many ways but here is my take on it.

My “Ultimate” Dust Boot is not attached to the Z Axis and so does not get any backwards pressure from its contact with the work piece. I used the X-Carve to make most of the parts (using VCarve Pro). The drawings and VCarve Pro files are available free of charge if you PM your email address to me via YouTube.

Here is the link to the video:

Here are the various files but please note that you should make a test piece for the wooden part of the boot itself to ensure it fits your CNC and the router passes through okay. I had to make a minor adjustment to mine by shaving 2mm off the left hand edge because it hit one of the nuts on the gantry.

If anyone wants to help me in return then all I ask is that you consider buying a copy of my ebook “Stone Message” from Amazon, It is a mystery thriller and only 99 pence in the UK. Many thanks.


Static Boot Slides 1.crv (272.5 KB)

Static Boot 3.crv (958 KB)

Static Boot 3.dwg (47.8 KB)

Here is the .dxf file saved in AutoCAD R14 (very old) format to help with compatibility.

Static Boot 3 - R14.dxf (107.9 KB)


Can I send you my email through here for the files, I like that bracket design, thats what I needed last week for my dust shoe but I already drilled holes in my granty. Nice job by the way!

Hi Antonio,

By all means send your email address through here but I only check this forum about twice a week. I check YouTube several times a day. In YouTube just go to my channel, find the “About” tab, click it and then hit “Send Message”. Peter

Messaged you on Youtube. Thank you!

Hi Clarence

The drawings and VCarve Pro files are on the way. If you need the Draftsight (.dwg) file please let me know.

Good luck.


I just sent you a message on youtube with my email, thank you in advance Peter!

Thank you very much sir!

I’m apparently an utter and total shill for Festool. My first thought as the video opened? “KAPEX!” lol

Very nicely done, and a good video as well!

Hi Dan

I have hardly done any work today as I have been inundated with requests for the plans - far more than usual.



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Can you upload them to your post topic, or share a drop box link?

No surprise, it’s one of the best-developed fixed bases I’ve seen so far! Only thing I can think of that might make it better would be a spot for a small transparent window so you can see the bit. Would increase the size, though… It’s a darn good design as-is.

.[quote=“JeremyJohnstone, post:10, topic:19364, full:true”]
Can you upload them to your post topic, or share a drop box link?
I’d like a copy but don’t have (or want) a Google or Youtube account.

Thank you Very Much for Sharing these files.

I am attempting to send my email address to you through You Tube. Currently I only have access to YouTube on my phone. I went to the “About” tab but there is no option to send a message. I will try from my Laptop when I get a chance.

Thanks again for your willingness to share your design.

Great design and a lot of videos on your sight proving you are a vastly superior woodworker than I am!! I sent a message for the plans and am excited to see them.

Thanks for the tip - it is done. Peter

I have now placed the files on my original post.

Good luck.


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Really nice design and craftsmanship, Peter. I enjoyed the video!

This is pretty much what I have in mind. I am going to have to rework my x-axis limit switches, however.

I’m also planning on making a dual-lobed boot that accomodates two vacuum hoses, since I have a large dust collector and would like to get more airflow at the cutter. Of course, the tradeoff is the loss of a small amount of x-axis capacity …

Great job, thanks for sharing this…

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Hi George

You need to consider the support for the hoses as the X Makerslide is taking a lot of weight already. Is there any way that you can keep it to a single hose even if it means a slightly larger hole on the right?


I’ve been considering using a ceiling-mounted piece of bungee to support my dust collector hose once I get the new set-up put together, myself. Just adjust the length until the end is just barely floating on the shoe, and not applying any significant weight, with the bungee taking up most of it to the ceiling…