Best upgrade EVER

Got the z upgrade from
Got the single rail x from
Best thing i have done for my x-carv. Point Blank


Thats going to me my next upgrade the Z axis.
What I have now is going good but I want it to be much better. :smiley:

this is a drop in replacement for the z just had to tell him it was for a x-carv…got the high precision quick turn acme for a add 15$

cool. When I find a new job I will be upgrading my Z

looking myself :laughing::laughing:

What is the difference in the teeth for stock screw vs quick turn?

no teeth…direct drive…but the steps per mm were way diffrent

Threads / teeth
Tomatoe / tomato

i think its 3.75 turns per inch… i’d have to look …or u could :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

final found it in my messages…3.175turns/inch fast travel with 2 pieces anti backlash nut.
This optional screw is only 14.60$. It’s not a standard acme rod!!


i had to go from $102=188.976 to $102=50.00 still need some fine tuning but got me close

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Was there an noticeable difference in chatter reduction after this upgrade?

I have been doing a ton of mdf cutouts lately and chatter = sanding.

noticeable… was night and day. anyone who has the older 2 rail x, needs to get the upgrade to single x rail 48 bucks shipping will kill ya tho

didn’t you get one of these?

I have the old style with the 30 minute mod but I think its time to at least do that upgrade.

I think by the time your Z hits the limit switch it is already too late :rofl: This is on my to do list for sure just havent figured out yet if I need a 5-6" or 6-7" direct drive linear. leaning towards the 6-7" with the 2" lift plates going on at the same time.

@RyanEdwards @ClintPadgett - This is also on my upgrade list (soon)! I am just not sure which size I need as I want to upgrade the entire gantry to a screw drive/lift kit. Ive been looking at the kit @Phantomm offers. I just need to be sure whichever I end up going with, the Z Kit can reach the waste board still.

was looking at his but I decided on direct drive

his is direct drive, is it not? Which kit are you looking at?

oops my bad I thought we were talking linear Z kits just went back and read your reply again and realized you were not.