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Best upgrade EVER

It’s only listed in a couple adds …have to ask him about it

Get it upgraded and running just the way I want and bam CPU fan goes out. Bummer

fan replaced back up and running :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


They also offer a belt drive model also.

Main thing is to get away from belts.


I just got a gmail from joe.He say that they are releasing a new model at the end of this week. It will be 3" wide and be in the 5" to 6" inch model. It will also have a fast leadscrew, linear bearings,support bearings at the top and bottom and rigid motor mount. He sent me a picture but as I’m pretty new at posting pictures it may take me a couple tries.


They are also offering a mod kit for existing units( both direct drive and belt drive) with a bearing for the top side and fasrt lead screw, two bearings, a new top plate and standoff for the motor.

No. It hasn’t come up, but if you could be more specific I will be willing to suggest it to him.

He just informed me that it comes with a built in home switch.


I just got a picture of the new homing switch.SnapCrab_NoName_2017-9-19_19-30-3_No-00

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He said towards the end of the week. I’ll try to announce the time when he lets me know.( you’ll know when I know)

Its a tough decision. For instance, mine has hall switches with the unit double sided taped to the back plate and the magnet superglued to the top router mounting bracket. It would be almost impossible to please every one as not everybody has the stock X-Carve switches.

I think I am going to have to wait and see that one as well looks very promising but think I need 6-7" travel.

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He also sell 6" to 7" models.They cost around $175.00 f I remember right.

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wow. wish I’d waited to pull the trigger on mine. those linear bearings inspire more confidence than the delrin press fit bushings on the model I got.

He’s going to sell an up grade kit for those who have the current models. see the posting above for more details.

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@Phantomm - Will the Z kit listed above work with your screw drive/lift kit? Would I still be able to reach the wasteboard?

While everyone loves a shiny new part to add to their favorite toy, my question is do you really find the money justifiable? I still have the original setup, with the arduino and gshield (I did add a custom board i made for hard limits and a cheap zeroing block ($20) via ebay). I ask because I have the wide x rail sitting in a box for weeks now but haven’t had time to install it, and whenever a friend asks my response is usually “I haven’t had any issues with anything i’ve thrown at it in a year”. I should also say I built my own dust boot (but rarely use it). The only justification for all these upgrades I can see, is if you’re working with metal. Just curious on everyone’s thoughts.


Reach is never really the issue since you can shim up with mdf. However the carriage clears 3.5” minimum if installed properly so calculate the travel. I would go with 225mm of travel minimum.

A lot of us do.