Black Friday Buys

So, what is everybody buying for Black Friday at Inventables?

I’m looking to upgrade my SO2 to X-Carve, buy some 1000 mm rails, a DW611 Mount (my plywood one is failing fast), and maybe a few more things I can’t think of off the top of my head.


1/8 collet and a v bit.

Just pulled the trigger on a 1000mm xcarve. Now to wait * patiently *.


Bought my first X-Carve. Well most of it. Already have the stepper motors and DeWalt 611.

Anyone know what the $50 gift card is for? Just to Inventables?

Yeah I’m sure it’s just to Inventables.

Which works for me! Now I have to wait the 2 weeks for my packages to arrive.

I am thinking of getting one any word on how long this deal is for?

I also want to pull the trigger on an X-Carve, but the X-Controller is not available and I do not want purchase a power supply to replace when X-Controller becomes available. I guess I could use the $50 gift card to counter the additional cost.

Doubt I’ll be buying much of anything really as the shipping cost is just retarded.

@ebr where do you live?

You should be able to use the shipping method drop down to choose a less expensive method:

Yeah. That is the cheapest option I could find for shipping to Norway. :smile:

I know it’s far but Ebay from Hong Kong comes out a lot more affordable and is probably as far.

Can you send me a screen shot of the shipping option it shows you? Also what method does Ebay from Hong Kong use?


If you add a bag of threaded inserts the cheap shipping options dissapears. I had one of those in a well filled cart to begin with, then removed stuff until I had only the nuts left to show what I thought was a horrible shipping cost.

The cheap option did not reappear for me after left with only nuts on my last attempt. I retried now and it worked. Good!

I guess the shipping method code behind the scenes enables/disables choices based on weight/size/location - which is fine. I can now get a $1 item(the nuts) shipped to norway for around $10 - which is alot better than $20 something. :smile:

But why I need Priority Mail for a bag of threaded inserts I do not understand nor agree with but that might be USPS policy or “shipping product”. 35 to 9 ratio shipping / item cost is slightly better than 24 to 1.

Anyway - I do not want to ruin an nice thread on my shipping cost troubles. It ends here.

“Priority mail” is the name of the cheap, standard USPS service. There’s a cheaper one for heavier stuff, but it’s not available for shipping overseas. (If it’s less than about 10 kilos priority mail is usually cheaper inside the US anyway).

Government subsidies + currency manipulation :-).

I don’t get a shipping option other than UPS Ground on two recent orders.

Firefox on Win10.

@BillArnold it is automatically calculated based on weight and size of package.

I ordered the Ferrule crimper and Insulated Ferrule Kit - joy oh joy!

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Clean wires for a clean new year!