Bobscnc switching x and y

I have a bobscnc evolution 4 and you probably know he has x and y set up backwards. Can someone help me with step by step directions on how to switch it to how normal machines work please. I defiantly mean no disrespect for the company, it’s just not how I want to use the router. I use easel pro to design my projects and UGS to run the machine. The router is stock.

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I have never seen a “bobscnc evolution 4”, but can’t you just switch the connections at the controller? Is it a grbl machine?

It’s a grbl but it has a self squaring gantry with two steppers and the x2 and the z limit switches are wired together. It has to have the software changed also somehow. I think lol.

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Does Bob’s CNC share their grbl config?

Looks like you’d just need to enable the dual axis and set it to use the Y_Axis.
I don’t know what your controller looks like, but I bet it’s a cheap shield. You’ll have to change it to have the 4th driver control the second Y, rather than X.

Why’s he do that? Seems pointless.

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No he wouldn’t help with it at all. He will only send out the way he wants it. I asked if he could send me it the normal way and he said no.

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This is how he wants us to use it. Sideways. I want to set it up so the gantry is to the back not the side.

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Do you want the dual axis feature?
If so, just swap X and Y at the board and use grbl with the modifications I mentioned above. If not, you can just swap X and Y at the board and adjust the jumpers to clone the Y axis on A.

I would just position it the way you want and draw your work sideways or draw it and then rotate the drawing 90 degrees before creating G code? It would be a simple approach and you’d just have to train your mind to think of it for that way for that machine. I think you could even do 2 step cuts this way. I tend to draw my work and cut using whichever direction will accomodate my materials more easily. One of my machines sits where the Y is front to back of me and the other the Y is left to right of me.

NeilFerreri1 I have no idea how to insert the code you linked to so I’ll try just switching the x and y and changing the jumper when I get home this evening. MartinW.Mcclary That’s how I have been doing it. But I use a small 3040 machine also and It’s confusing with the two different setups. Sometimes I run the same projects on both machines.

This was the way the shapeoko2 was wired.

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Don’t do that, you’ll pull too much current through that driver.

You’ll have to upload new firmware if you want X & Y to be as they should. Yours is setup do do the autosquaring on the X axis…you will not have good results. You’ll need to download grbl and change the config. I can give more details later.
Do you want to keep the dual axis “auto-squaring”?

Neil, Maybe you can find this useful. The electronics wiring are around P 83.

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I’ve actually used those same CNC shields before. They’re really cheap and my students use them for drawing robots and things.

Not much to it. He’ll just have to decide on whether he wants the “auto-squaring”.

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Yes I would like to keep the auto squaring if I could. But be gentle with me on uploading the firmware. I have never done anything like it before.

I’m not sure if the e4 and the evolution 4 are wired up the same way so here is the manual for mine.Evolution_4_Assembly_Manual_v_1.09.pdf (8.5 MB)

You’ll want to follow the instructions here.
In the Config.h file, before you load to your arduino, you’ll change:

#define ENABLE_DUAL_AXIS (just remove the slashes to uncomment)


You’ll comment line 662 with two slashes so it will look like:

And you’ll uncomment line 675, so it will look like this:

Save and then upload as explained in the link above.

Then, without power…
You’ll want to switch the X & Y stepper connections and limit switches at the board.

Power up and test the X & Y movements before you try homing or anything.

Good luck!


NeilFerreri1 I want to thank you for the help you’ve given me. I got the machine running the right way now. I didn’t do the firmware tho. I’m too chicken to try it right now. Thank you again. If I ever meet you I’ll owe you a cold one. I ran my first piece since the change over and it works great.


Looks great. Neil is very helpful and knowledgeable but don’t tell him i said that. Did you cut that in pvc?


Thanks Wayne. No. it’s 1/4 mdf

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Turned out nice.

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