Brass Medallion for Ultra-Marathoner

An Etsy customer had me design, carve and paint this medal for her brother. I hope he makes it 40 miles! His race is on the 22nd. I wonder what she’ll do with it if he bails…


looks great! where did you get the brass? bit used? doc? etc?

I like it a lot! Great work on that…

Brass from (sign up for their e-mails - they are infrequent but offer great coupons).

Profiling End mill: 1/8" Destiny Viper 2 flute. 50 ipm, .01" DOC. (heavily modified rigid x-carve, forced air chip removal, no coolant)
Engraving Bit: 30 degree generic engraver with .01" tip, 50" ipm, .003" DOC, 40% stepover. .01" Total DOC for engraving.

Prior to carving brass was sanded with 100 grit; 180 grit, 400 grit.
Leveling pocket was milled into MDF
Hold down holes were drilled with 1/8" mill in center of the four and zero and in two positions outside the design.
Engraving done first. Re-zeroed z axis after center design then did the date (to be safe, rather than sorry)
Outside profile came next, then inner profiles
Piece was then removed, edge sanded, then 180 grit, then 400 grit. Then Steel wool one direction, then the other a few times to restore luster.
Engravings filled with “direct to metal gloss black”. Extra squeegeed with business card edge. Let dry, steel wool removes extra. 2nd coat fills the engraving, squeegee, steel wool.

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Really, really nice work! Do you have a picture of your modified x-carve? Curious about your modifications.

Not recent pics. Older pics have been posted under my name. Base is in thread "son of x-carve’

Base: Coming Soon: SON OF X-CARVE

x Plates: Taller, Beefier X-Axis Plates

z-axis from ebay and custom Makita holder: Makita Mount for Ebay Z-Axis Unit

Looks Great.