Buying Vcarve from inventables

Just in the process of buying Vcarve. I was wondering if there’s any diffence if I buy from Inventables or directly through Vectric. Also, is the CD required or is it a download? Thanks.

I bought Vcarve Pro as part of my package from Inventables and think it was a little cheaper. You will get the CD and when you register it through they will give you another Key to use that shows the software is licensed in your name. Amazing program. As I type this I am looking at the instruction videos on their site still learning tons of stuff about the software.

Thanks. I’m not sure how the pricing works. I checked vectric and Inventables. Both say $349 and $699 for desktop and pro respectively. I’m Canadian though, and when I change to Canadian dollars on the Vectric site, it adds over $20 to the price for some reason. Maybe it just hasn’t updated the exchange? Also, I was hoping to get it quickly, which would be better if it was a download. Plus my computer didn’t even come with a CD drive, but I guess I can manage a workaround with that.

You could use a USB CD/DVD drive as I don’t think there is a download version available. The CD comes with all the tutorial files and clip-art files and that equals alot of files. You might want to check with Inventables on the pricing as I haven’t looked at that type of stuff in some time. You also might want to verify the difference between the desktop vs. Pro version to make sure you are getting what you need. I just discovered with the Pro version you get access to different gadgets from Vectric not available to the desktop version. Research before you buy.

Once you get the disc, do you install it? You don’t have to always run off the disc do you?

You install it along with the clip-art and training files if you wish, and you don’t need the disk in to run the program.

Thanks. Bummer that I have to wait for it to ship, but I can deal with needing the CD as long as I can install it and be done. I wouldn’t want to have to buy a new computer, or always have a external drive hooked up to run it.

I highly recommend going to and looking at the training videos so you will be ready when you get the software. It is amazing to say the least.

I’ve seen some videos about it, and heard great things. Just the specifics above that I didn’t know. I’ve knownfor a while I was going to get it. Kinda annoying that I assumed I could download it, and now I have to wait. I could have ordered it earlier. I have projects that I wanted to make soon using it.

Also check out this link on downloading the Post Processors that work with the X-Carve. Post Processors

Don’t know if there’s some confusion here or not. I went on Vectric, and pretty sure I just downloaded vcarve 8.5. When I try on Inventables, they add a shipping cost of $28 American and give no option for download. Am I missing something?

That is the shipping cost for CD they will ship. Downloaded version works until you receive and install full version and activate it. You need CD, also you can buy cheapest external CD/DVD drive to use it once to install Vcarve and other software when you need it. It doesn’t require connected all the time.

If you buy a machine from Inventables you can get a discount. If you buy it stand alone it’s the same price.

Also Desktop and Pro versions are different only size wise. I think Desktop goes up to 24"X24", Pro have no limits.
If you’re on tight budget, you can go with Desktop version, upgrade it to Pro anytime you’re ready (with the price will be added of course). For Gadgets and Free clips/projects, I’m not sure if they don’t work for Desktop. When you’re loading clips, it does say Vcarve Pro 8.x version. But never seen any writing about “it doesn’t work for Desktop version”. you may want to wait a little for someone answers that question for you. I think @AllenMassey using Desktop.
Like @DavidYerkes saying, download training tutorials while you’re waiting.

Gadgets do not work in desktop, but desktop does have all the 3D clipart


Thanks Allen.

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I previously bought a machine. Is there a time limit on that offer? Does it have to be bought at the same time?
(Too late for me now though anyway, I guess.)

Zach is very busy man, might miss your post. You better call support line directly for quicker answer.

Like I said, too late for me now anyway, I guess, since I just bought from Vectric. I downloaded from the site and seems to work instantly, where Inventables seemed to require shipment and shipping charges. Whether that was the case or not, I don’t know, as I didn’t get that far with them. Vectric was the straight price with no shipping charge. And if I do need the disc, I assume it’s being sent, without other charges.

What comes on the disc that is required? I downloaded it and it seems to work, but I haven’t actually used it yet

We offer the download too. You can call or email our support team if you already purchased the machine. I don’t know the time limit vectric allows. (It’s their rule not ours)

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