Cabinet without Doors or Drawers - Just a Cabinet Box

Sometimes you just need a cabinet box without any doors or drawers. Just a good old cabinet box with a couple of adjustable shelves.

Currently all cabinets have one or both, and you can’t just delete the doors from the nested worksheet without having to do additional work on the worksheet to re-nest the remaining parts.

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The work around for this may be the same as with Mark’s question. If you change the cabinet box material to be different than any of the other types and then click nest it should group your boxes all together.

-Jonathan Brasher

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Hi Robert,

Thank you for your feedback! Our team is actually in the early stages of exploring functionality that allows users to exclude certain cabinets and components in their project when nesting. I’ve passed your feedback along to our team as we are investigating what this functionality may entail.

Jonathan is 100% correct that you can change the materials for the cabinet box, door & drawer fronts, drawer boxes, shelves, and back panels. If you use a unique material for your fronts and/or drawer boxes, they will nest on separate workpieces. You could then delete (or simply not carve) the workpieces that contain the drawer box panels and the front panels. Thank you, Jonathan, for your input!

Lastly, while you cannot currently remove the drawers from a drawer base cabinet, you can remove the doors from cabinets with doors. To do this, double-click on the 3D model of the cabinet you want to edit (or select it from the list in the left-side panel) to isolate the cabinet and open up the settings for that specific cabinet. Then, in the “Front” section in the right-side panel, you can un-check the box to “Include door.”

We sincerely appreciate your feedback and support! Thank you :slight_smile:

– Natalie

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Thank you to all who have responded. I was able to try Jonathan’s suggestion earlier today and it worked like a dream. I love it when people figure things like this out… and wish I had thought it out myself.

Our Inventables Community is such a wealth of knowledge.

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