Calibrating your X-Carve

I have had my X-Carve for about 6 months now. I have to think the belts have stretched a bit. Is there a standard way to calibrate all axis to ensure accuracy? I am concerned that going 22" in one direction may not actually be 22" any longer?

If you never calibrated at all, then a doubt 22" was ever really 22".
Anyway, using the above calculator, and the forum.
Rob’s post is super helpful too.

Ok, I guess I need a little yellow book called X-Carve Calibration for Dummies. I’ve read a number of posts and I know what everyone is trying to do but I still cannot grasp the procedure.

First off, I am assuming that the basic calibration would require measuring the travel distance in all 3 axis. So if I tell the machine to cut a, say, 500mm line (one single cut) and measure it with a handy ruler, it should be 500mm. So what if it isn’t? What are the commands (g-code or otherwise) to adjust for it? I assume that’s what needs to be done?

Also, as far as cutting ovals instead of circles, wouldn’t calibrating the X and Y simply fix that? If those were dead-on perfect then you’d get circles. Or am I missing something?

Finally, given that the X axis has two motors, I find it quite easy to accidentally “jink” one motor by pushing, say, the right side of the slightly. That would inherently make the X axis non-perpendicular with the Y. How do you account for that? How do you avoid it (short of just not accidentally moving it).

I see the calculators like this one. Where do I get the values to type into it and what do I do with the values it pumps out?

Sorry if I’m being a little dense here. This should be easier. Maybe its just late :slight_smile: