Caliper recommendation

Unfortunately, the calipers I originally got from Inventables would randomly turn on even after I was certain I turned them off so the screen burned out. I even watched them do this multiple times while they were sitting on the table, which was very frustrating. For a time, I was removing the battery but alas if you forget once and they turn on… :fire:

Can someone recommend some inexpensive calipers that don’t have this issue?

Harbor freight has cheap ones for less than 10 bucks and you get 20% off with coupon

Most of those are the same design as the Inventables one – do you own a set? Do you find they actually stay turned off?

I have two and have not had a problem at all. My only problem is I cannot find the sr44 batteries. The lr44 don’t fit

I have had the same set from harbor freight for 3 years now and they work fine. Recommendation ditch the batteries that came with it. The batteries that came with mine only lasted a few months vs. the ones I picked up from walmart have over 2.5 years on them

Have you tried 357 or EXP76?

I bought this one (was a lightning deal at one point)

Works great.

When in a pinch a cheap laser pointer has 3 of them

You might get some good information here.

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Find a decent dial caliper… They don’t have battery issues.

357 is same as lr44. It’s a little bigger than sr44 that is required

What’s the diameter of the SR44 you have?

The problem is that it is too thick. The cover will not go back on

Ok, what’s the thickness?

Be careful if you try to measure this. Short circuit?

Check the end on the harbor freight ones. The last one I bought was ground on an angle making the depth gauge useless.

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Would be interested in where your batteries came from. I checked two electronics parts vendors that have parametric searching and they don’t have any 1.5 volt coin batteries that are less than 5.4 mm (357, LR44, etc) in thickness.

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