Can you vertically mount your CNC machine?

Just having random thoughts while working on some projects.

I have more empty wall space than table space in my shop.

So, has anyone ever tried hanging their machine vertically on a wall? It seems to me if the wheels, belts etc are all adjusted correctly it should work.

This could also help with dust, chip extraction.

Any thoughts?

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check this out

I hadn’t seen that video before, pretty cool.

However, I’m more interested in knowing if you can run a job while the machine is verticle.

Not that I’m going to do it, just wondering if it’s possible.

oh oh i gotcha but i am curious if you put your machine vertical your router still points to the waste board??

are you talking about sliding a large piece of material from top to bottom why the machine is vertical?

I could see that extremly useful for taking the door off your house and loading it into the x carve and carving haha sweet idea i like it!!

I recently inherited an older x-carve 1000. I’m currently waiting on over $700 worth of hardware to upgrade it to the latest and greatest. In the mean time I’m trying to come up with ideas to make room.
My “shop” consists of 1/2 of a double garage. Along one side I have I have a wall of metal storage shelves. Along the other wall I have a work bench.I have a 10’ table saw, 12" band saw, 10" compound miter saw, router table, and a 100 amp arc welder all on their own mobile bases. I also have a floor model drill press ans a 150 gallon air compressor. On top of that I has a Piranha FX 12x18 CNC and a MPCNC 36x24 CNC. You can tell I’m hurting for space. That’s why this thread is important to me.
My questions:In the last 3 years has anyone actually successfully mounted and operated a X-carve vertically? If not, does anyone here know of any reason why it can’t be done?

Not saying it can’t be done, but the v-wheels aren’t designed to carry a load in that direction.

I understand. Thanks for the reply/reminder.