Cannot connect to xcarve from Mac

@KevinKarney. Something just occurred to me. Did you get the electronics kit for Inventables with the arduino included or did you provide your own arduino? I provided my own and ordered the Grbl shield separately to save a little money since I already had some arduinos / clones laying around. Maybe there is something wrong with my arduino. I’ve got several more of different vintages, so I think I’ll see if I can get another one to connect.

The Arduino supplied by Inventables was a dud. They promised to send me another, But bearing in mind the time & customs duties (USA - UK), I just purchased one and had it next day for a few £s. It was (at least to the eye) identical to the dud one. It worked perfectly.

I have finally e-mailed I will post the e-mail here in the hope of keeping this thread alive

I sent the following to help@inventables, Paul & Zack Kaplan in the hope of getting some resolution…

Apple Macs not connecting to X-Carve via Easel, but working perfectly via UGS

There has been a history going back a number of months of Apple Mac owners being unable to connect to their X-Carve directly via Easel. You can see details on the X-Carve Forum. Many kind users have proposed remedies, which - for me - have not worked.

I trust that the Inventables Easel developers are aware of this problem.

My situation is this - and it is similar to others faced with this issue…

I have up-to-date Macs - both IMac and MacBook. I am an experienced Apple user.
I have the latest version of OS X Yosemite, and the latest versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
I allow cookies from sites I visit.
I have no unusual extensions, no Firewall and no other applications using the USB ports.
I can create Gcode with Easel - save it to file - and route it to the X-Carve via Universal Gcode Sender.
The X-Carve works PERFECTLY, CONSISTENTLY and ACCURATELY. Therefore, I conclude that there is NO problem with GRBL, Arduino or the X-Carve itself. The X-Carve is a lovely bit of engineering.

All the usual remedies have been endlessly tried…
GRBL software re-installed via the Paul Kaplan’s Hex loader
GRBL software re-installed via the Arduino app
Easel Local completely de-installed (using Terminal app) and reinstalled.
Restarting the Mac, changing to a different Mac, changing the USB cable, changing browsers, etc.

I conclude that the problem relates to Easel Local - it cannot find a suitable USB port or set a suitable baud rate to communicate with the Arduino or something else.
I understand that the issue also relates to users who are using beta versions of the El Capitan version of OS X

I await your advice and or resolution
Best regards from a frustrated

Best regards
Kevin Karney MA, JP
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I am having the same problem, almost exactly as described, and have tried all the same things. I am planning to have one of the nice people from Inventables remote log in to my machine this afternoon and see if we can’t figure something out. I will report back if anything is resolved.

That’s great @BradleyKFritz. They offered to do that for me as well, but I haven’t had time. I hope you are successful in getting to the bottom of the problem.

I’m stumped Kevin. Not that it’s any help at all, but I’m in Stroud, just over the river :smile:



Interesting. I was wondering what link there may be between the people having this problem other than having a Mac.

So, @JohnPattillo, @BradleyKFritz, and @KevinKarney you are all using Arduinos that you supplied yourself and not the ones from Inventables?

One more question that might relate to the issue: Which version of GRBL did each of you install onto your Arduino?

I am using the one supplied with the Xcarve. I started with the GRBL version already installed, but following advice from he Help desk reflashed it again, not sure what version.

Oh well, darnit. Thought I might be on to something. I flashed mine several times with different versions trying to get it to work. I last used the inventables fork of GRBL and compiled it from the arduino IDE.

Hmmm… ok, hopefully Inventables remotely logging in will help. Let us know how it goes.

Kevin Karney et al I can understand the frustration of not being able connect your Macs to the XCarve but I’m not sure the problem necessarily lies with Easel or Inventables.
I have a Mac running Yosemite (10.10.4) and Safari (8.0.7) and can connect with the XCarve without any problem…but I don’t think that I’ll upgrade to 10.10.5 or 8.0.8 in case the problem lies with something in those updates.

FYI I am running Mac OS 10.10.5 and Safari 8.0.8 on both Macs that connect to the X-Carve and both without issue.

Another Mac user here that can’t connect through Easel. I just posted this thread outlining everything I’ve tried.

This problem dates back to at least July. There are some other tips in that thread that might help. But my connection to Easel has been randomly intermittent since day one–I cannot find a pattern to reproduce/resolve the problem at all–so I’ve given up Easel in favor of Chilipeppr.

We are looking into this issue. Looking around at the other posts (like the one you posted), that issue was resolved because the Arduino did not have Grbl installed.

I’m going to reach out individually to see if we can set up a “remote debug” session to see about the problem. I’m working with the CS team on this now.

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For anyone who is experiencing the problem where you can connect with UGS but cannot connect with Easel, please post the following:

  • Open UGS and connect with your machine, then take a screenshot of the UGS interface and post it.

This will help us get to the bottom of these issues. If you would like, send me a message directly and I can guide you through debugging. I’m trying to coordinate helping CS with these issues now. Again, there is no bug that we are aware of that would cause this. We do know that El Capitan does not work as of right now, and are working to have the issue resolved before the general release to the public.

Quick note, I had John Hays with Inventables remote access to my Mac yesterday afternoon, and after trying several things, still no connection to Easel. He suspects it might be a bug somewhere in Easel. I think he said at least one other he worked with had the same result. Anyway, sounds like we just need to give them some time to figure things out.

Hi all, I believe we have fixed this problem (deployed fix just now). The cause of it was a bit long, so I wrote another post about it: FIXED: Mac connectivity issues

Testing indicates that this fixes the issue. If you continue to have problems, let me know on that thread.

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Success!!! Did not work in Firefox, but hooked right up using Chrome. Thanks!

SUCCESS ! At last. It was a bug in Easel, that the Inventables team uncovered and quickly fixed. (It was to do with the internal naming of the Arduino board - or something like that).

My X-Carve is not buzzing away under control of Easel

Thanks to and his team