Can't Import SVG to Easel/X-Carve

I can’t import my SVG file to Easel. I get this message: “We can’t import this SVG”
It is a simple design which I made in Illustrator and converted to SVG (SVG Tiny 1.1) . There is no text whatsoever and the lines are very heavy - 4 pixels thick.

I have tried just about anything but without success. Any real solutions out there?

I never had much luck with anything but SVG 1.0 out of Illustrator myself. If I did 1.1, I had designs not import properly. Not sure if it was some other setting or what.

I tried both ways, same result: “We can’t import this file”

I am at loss here…

Thank you for trying.


Thank you. Really frustrating. I tried both ways.


Sierpinski Curve .pdf (129.4 KB)
Sierpinski Curve .ai (1.0 MB)

What is different?

Shab Levy

Not sure if this will help, but try changing your lines to 1px.

I followed exactly your sample but with the same results: “We can’t import this SVG”

Thanks anyway for the help.


I have tried all kinds of line thickness, from 1 px to 4 px but was never able to import my SVG file. I also saved it in just about any suggested way but it didn’t work.

Surely, there must be a way to import a design made with Illustrator and saved as SVG? What is the other choice of creating an original design?


Anyone wants to buy my machine at a greatly reduced price from the original? Because right now it is a big boat anchor and I don’t even have a boat.


Try SVG Basic. I have Illustrator CC and sometimes it can be finicky.

One other thing you may try is to save it as a different filename. I’ve had weird caching issues where if the filename is the same, it doesn’t necessarily upload the latest but a cached version.

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Unfortunately every time I try to upload or insert an image here it shows this message: “Sorry, but we couldn’t determine the size of the image. Maybe your image is corrupted?”

I beg for your patience, but tell me first how to make sure my image is not corrupted? I didn’t do anything to corrupt the image?



Thank you.

Shab Levy

OK, I opened my file in Inkscape and re-saved it as SVG. Can you see the image, because all I see is a long string of characters.

Shab Levy

Hmm…problem with my computer? I can do anything else with my computer, I don’t understand what you mean?

Shab Levy

Have you actually tried to use my file in your computer?

Shab Levy

I used Adobe Illustrator CS6 to make designs and saved the design as SVG 1.1 file as suggested by someone else on this forum. As far as I know nothing is wrong with any of my applications since I use them all the time.

Shab Levy

Are you using Illustrator CC? I’ve had it do some funky things with filenames where the base file is empty but there is a file with the date in the name that is the actual SVG file.

Check the file size on your PC and look for other files with those names.

I don’t use Illustrator CC, I use Illustrartor CS6, which was the last version that Adobe sold on physical discs. So, I don’t use any app online for that matter.

Shab Levy