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Carving is bigger


New to easel. I have an Openbuilds Leed + Blackbox.

The carving is bigger that what I ask Easel to do.

I set my material to desire size (16 x 7 inches) and design my carving inside of it. I “HOME” the machine to the left bottom corner. I put a mesuring tape under my router and JOG 1 inch. The result is 1.25 inch. So it seem to be 25% bigger.

Is there a setting I enter wrong?


You need to calibrate the grbl settings. This is the steps per mm found in $100, $101, and $102.

I would ask you to read this thread as I answered it there and how to make the changes. I had to do it myself to achieve better accuracy.


You need to recalculate GRBL parameters $100 (X) and $101 (Y) and possibly $102 (Z) aswell.

To list your current parameters open Easel Machine Inspector and in the Console window type $$ and press Enter. A list will appear showing each parameter ($0-$134)

If your current $100 and $101 value for instance is “100” this mean that your X/Y stepper must do 100 steps to move 1mm. But you get 1.25mm for 100steps.

Math is:
Step per mm divided by actual distance * commanded distance
100 / 1,25 x 1 = 80

To change the GRBL value type in Console $100=80 and press Enter
Do the same for Y, $101=80
Reset controller.

Test actual travel vs commanded travel. Once settled you can fine-tune this value if required.


Thanks guys. My CNC is now super accurate!

5 minutes job!!