Carving on edge of wood

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First post - still in the process of building my x-carve but thinking ahead (perhaps optimistically!). Has anyone adapted their x-carve so it can carve on the edge of wood? I’m wondering if you could route out a hole in the bed of the machine and create a clamping mechanism under the table to hold it in place so it can be carved on. Surely someone has tried this to overcome the problem of cutting depth?

using the search function I found this

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I would guess that there are more than just this if I wanted to search more.

I implemented a split top table to accomodate this sort of requirement: I was actually carving the ends of logs.
What would you like to know?

Would be great to see a pic of your set up if that would be ok? Did you have to reinforce the bed elsewhere?

Many thanks!

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Check out Frank Howarth’s video on YouTube about building his large CNC machine. His table is hinged so he can rotate his work piece 90° to route on the ends (e.g. dovetails, etc.).

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here are a bunch of Flickr albums of pictures of my setup from various projects and builds:

to answer your direct question, I did not reinforce the table around the split as the 1000mm Xcarve as close enough to the edge of the table that it would stay square, you just had to clamp it down so it would not move. The table top is 3/4" MDF, which was enough of a surface for it to sit on that it seemed fine. Just remember that i have a casual attitude toward vertical tolerance as I am doing sculpture work and it just doesn’t matter if I am a bit out so long as it is consistently out locally…

hope this helps. let me know if you have more questions…

Thank you so much for these pics. Will come back tobyou if I have more questions …