[Challenge] Beer can holder for workshop

This is not a project of mine, rather a Challenge to you out there while I clean up the mess in my workshop.

Just knocked over a can of beer and drowned my digital caliper. I was actually trying to clean this place up, not make even more mess… facepalm

Need a solution for beverage consumption in workshop. Something to hold beverage secure and with the ability to be moved out of the way in a safe manner.

What would be the X-carve way of solving such a luxury problem? :smile:

Too easy and does not involve cutting stuff… sorry :wink:

True. I stand corrected. :smile:

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Cupholder attached to cart/table/stand, complete with a round part on a string to set over the open can to keep sawdust out. :smile:

That would be classified as alcohol abuse in some places! Shame on you!!!


There was even a small dent in the can afterwards. Oh the horror!

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Two words…Beer Hat

I win :stuck_out_tongue:


Time to retrofit a Weeble, or kids punching bag!

First off - you need a YETI. You know how when you set your beer down and one thing leads to another… soon it tastes warm and back-washey. NOT with the YETI. Beer stays cold ALL DAY. It is a miracle. So, my recommendation would be to find a solution to hold the YETI which is holding your beer.

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A clamping cup holder that you can move to various places that is sturdy as you are able to clamp it to various benches. :slight_smile:

I understand you can get these robotic devices to follow you around with an iPad on the top. Why not remove the top and replace it wth a small bar table.

Your beer could follow you around and when empty, it could be sent off on a mission to find some more…


Obvious solution? 3 axis self leveling gimbal as used to steady cameras on quadcopters/hand rigs.

shame on you wasting beer that way :wink:
What about making a bar in one corner of the shop,whit a waitress (wife ?) to serve you while your cutting away :joy:

Well maby not… :grin:

I stand back in amazement! So many good ideas on how to solve this most critical issue. :smile:

Eliminating the Wife-Factor is an added requirement I think… Workshop should be free of Spouses.

You guys are an insult to Saint Norm Abram… remember to read, understand, and follow all safety precautions when using power tools… and I am sure drinking would be and unsafe activity… wait till the work is done… and as Stumpy says… “have a cold one, you earned it my friend” but only when it is safe to do so.

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Except when she comes into my shop to sweep the floor for me! :smile:

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Sooner or later, someone was gonna go there…

But I am inclined to agree.

I’ve been thinking of calling it Norm’s Law. Similar to Godwin’s Law, since eventually any woodworking related discussion will eventually draw out a safety reminder. :smile:

Well… It’s not. Power tool that I’m controlling… The computer is, sssssssooooooo as log as the computer stays sober were all good. Righ?


I just know that any of the cam software has to ability to add an “No go Zone” for someone passed out on the work surface… :slight_smile:

it would also be funny for someone to make a slick video…starting with a Norm safety brief,… showing all these complicate steps… and then going to “lets see the finished product…” cut to Rick Roll… then " What didn’t you not understand about be safe…no drinking in the shop… just make sure that it has a lot of parts from different materials… viral, inventables, safety, x-carve, all hail Norm video…

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