ChiliPeppr step-by-step tutorial?

Does anyone have ChiliPeppr tutorial how to connect x carve? I tried many times, in vain thou.
I downloaded server, connected my x carve, found zero point, loaded gcode, started and the spindle goes somewhere else, at the opposite side of a zero point I found earlier.
Any advice how to fix it?

Are you using GRBL workspace?

also you can check out this previous post on the subject that has links to tutorials

I was having problems connecting just the other day.
My issues was I had not:
“For your CNC device please choose the “grbl” buffer in the pulldown before connecting.”

On the place where you select which device to connect too there are 2 pull-down menus.
One is the buffer protocol to use, the other is the bod rate.
I had left the protocol to “Default” which was causing some very odd behavior.
But I could not change it so I assumed it was "correct’. I didn’t realize you can only change that menu when you are not connected. When I switched it to GRBL and everything started working properly.

Once you are properly connected there should be a little button that lets you see and change the GRBL settings on the controller as well. So you can check if some parameter if off.

I hope that helps.