CNCJS Thoughts?


I am thinking on installing CNCJS in a RasPi3 as the sole standalone controller for my XCARVE.

Does anyone has tales or thoughts about this before I start working on it?

Thanks in advance!

@AustinSt.Aubin is using it, in fact he has a YouTube video posted about it, you should watch that…

I run that exact setup and really like it. It lets me not have to worry about a computer connected to the Xcarve or an internet signal. You upload the gcode to cncjs and away you go. I love having my Pi camera watching the XC and the feed right in the screen.

There have been a couple of issues with the latest versions where the app disconnects while jogging or if it sits for a while that seem to be related to an upgrade of a dependency.

The forum through github has been terrific and the main contributor ( Cheton ) is great about taking feedback and quickly adding new features. He added a way to have a second camera after my request and I think it was a week later. There are a number of feature requests out there that will really make it nice I think.

@PatrickLesher @DarrylKegg Thanks for the input! I will give it a go!

I use it very often, but not via the Raspberry Pi. Works good for me.

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I use raspberry Pi with protoneer board. They have SD card image with all software installed. I love it!!!

This is my setup :slight_smile:

Thanks. Can you elaborate on the proponeer? What software do you use on Raspi?

I use bCNC
The Raspberry Pi can be accessed via Remote Desktop. No need for extra monitor. Just upload G-code in browser.

More information you can find here:

Raspberry Pi’s run a full blown Operating system from it’s on board SD card. Pre-configured SD card images are available to speed up the setup process. For this project we created a new image that includes a bunch of applications that can interact with the Raspberry Pi CNC board.
Included software:
Standard Raspberry Pi Jesse Image.
bCNC : A python based user interface application for controlling GRBL Boards.
CNC.js : A nodeJS web based interface for controlling GRBL boards.
Added extras’s : MiniCom,XRDP and NodeJS

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I have been using a raspberry pi 3 to control my X-carve for over a year now and I could not be happier. I have used CNCJS, Bcnc, Chillipeppr, UGS platform, UGS and most importantly Easel local. I use a wireless keypad like this one
which allows me to stand over the work piece when I need to and jog the machine while I stand over it (very easy compared to doing it from a distance). again best controller decision I made.

the only thing I can warn you about with CNCJS is that it is browser based and most browsers have a file size limit that will prevent some large file from loading. when this happens you can just use Universal G-Code Sender which will not have the browser limitation as it is not browser based.
If you need any help use the search function as there are many post on this subject and if no answer then just ask as there are also several users that also use this platform that are always willing to help.

Also wanted to mention that with Easel local running on my Raspberry Pi 3 I can also use my Linux system from the local network to control the X-Carve as if it was connected to my machine by using a command from the command line as outline in this link from this post Easel Local for Linux? which I very rarely use but it is really cool to have that option.

Thank you Kenneth. Can you elaborate on easel local?

Also… cncJS Do you have any CONs on why not to use it?

not really as long as you don’t need to send a file larger than what the browser can upload, most browsers that I know of have a file size limit on what you can upload through the browser (security precaution) and I have only had that happen when I was using a laser G-code file that was around or a little over 1 million lines of code. all of these programs are fine programs that have been listed and all have there positive and negative attributes. you just need to try them and see which one suits what you need best. as I stated I usally use Easel Local with Easel and UGS when I do laser but I have also used Bcnc when I needed auto-level and I am not to proud to try or use any of them.

If you read the post on Easel Local for Linux? and specifically the part that references you will see that you can take the Easel Local for MAC and install on the raspberry pi and run it as a service. when you do that you can also connect across a local network as if the X-Carve is plugged into that remote machine and control and send g-code from there. I have been very happy with this arrangement.

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I can also take some pictures tonight when I get off work and post them so that you can see the Raspberry Pi connected and working the X-Carve if you like.

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I need to post an updated video, but take a look at these:

I run my CNC with a Raspberry Pi connected to it. then go inside to spend time with family while I monitor things remotely.


Hey @AustinSt.Aubin
Quick question, how are you running/powering your camera? I’m assuming it’s the same as what is in your laser video. I hooked one up to my pi and started getting all sorts of timeout and crashing issues and finally figured it was a power thing.
Do you have your led turned off on the camera?

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This is a very neat setup.what camera are you using in the raspi?

Also… how are ou liking your laser?

I’m using wireless numeric keyboard to control

@KikoLobo @PatrickLesher
I am using this camera plugged into my raspberry pi, then using mjpeg-streamer to stream the video feed.
I am powering my raspberry pi with a 5v 3A switched voltage regulator that is stepping down power from the 24v power supply in the X-Controller.

The camera light is set to dim or off most of the time… but I have no issues powering anything on the pi or other wise.

Side note: my laser is powered with 12v 300w XBox power supply… it works well for 12v things, like accessories.
I also use a Playstation 3 Controller to move and control my gantry.