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This is getting old. I create something to make on the cnc and when I go to combine it , critical part s project are removed. Anyone else have that experience. I pay for Easel Pro and this seems like poor development I no my manager would never let me produce code that would do that and still be released to production. Does anyone have a definite answer on how to fix this?

Christmas Ornaments

I tried it with your file and looked like everything combined like it should unless i missed something.

The present looses the vertical lines in the center and also the horizontal line at the top of the box. If you go back and look the one on the right in the one that has been combined and you can see those support lines are missing.

Your right but i am not sure why. I thought maybe they were to thin but not real sure.

Me neither but its causing me a big headache. They are supposed to go out today.

split it up (Shape Exploder) then make those center parts 0 depth pockets, then make the outer parts any depth pockets, THEN combine. still need clarification, I can make a video in a bit, but I’m in line to pickup kids from school right now :slight_smile:

I know your busy but if you find time to make a short video it would be much appreciated. I tried exploding

Wow a year and a half being a Easel Pro customer and just finding out what exploder does. Usually I just cover stuff up with Zero cut shapes. Thanks

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Don’t let me get started with Intersect All OR offsetter Set to a 0 offset in order to seperate previously parts or Combine in order to turn text into Vectors (with nodes) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Actually I didn’t get my machine put together till about 2 months ago. I had some medical issues holding me back.

No, me. It took me a year and a half. I do use Vectric as well usually for the “3d” carves.

Ahhhhhhhhh, I’m gonna start testing.

I kinda took this off into left field, but just wanted to share and show and ended up going totally different direction…

Try this

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