Copy and paste

Im trying to copy and paste to the program, but it will not let me do that. I have tried copying line drawings and still won’t let me do it. Could this be a glitch in the soft ware. Sincerely Joel

You can’t paste images directly into Easel. You have to import them. I’m posting from my phone, so I can’t show you where to click right now, but I’ll switch to my laptop…

  • First you need a direct link to the image, or you need to save it to your computer.
  • Then, click on the Import button in Easel.
  • Select Image Trace if it’s a jpg, png, etc., and follow the instructions for tracing the image. Easel will convert it to a vector graphic, but the quality might be disappointing. You can convert it yourself using other software (Inkscape is a free program that will do it) before importing it.
  • If the image is already a vector graphic, select SVG. (this is the best option).

I tried importing an SVG file and couldn’t. It said that I had to
go to Adobe Illustrator and “expand” the text. I did that
and saved the file. Then I converted it to SVG.

It still wouldn’t open the SVG File

This thread talked about difficulties opening SVG files in Easel. They’re discussing Inkscape, not Illustrator, but it does talk about a possible reason for Easel not opening the file: