Couple of clock projects

heres a couple of clock renderings I’m working on for clients, I hope hey order I really want to make these!!


The one of Goku would be perfect for inlay. Do a maple inlay for the hair and osage orange for his shirt.

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It would be cool to inlay, unfortunately they only want to spend 60$

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you could glue a light veneer onto a dark wood and carve very shallow.

One down, 1 to go !!


Here’s a bonus clock while I’m waiting for extra large clock hands to arrive for the Zelda clock! I think it came out ok 23” tall…


That is amazing, my cousin who is a star wars fanatic would love that.

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That’s awesome. I guess I got a project for this weekend

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Did you make these in V carve desktop/pro?
They look great. Good job.

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I made them with aspire and vectors I found on google .

Whats your process to get clean crisp black paint on the dragon ball clock. Its right up my style of paint but I seem to struggle owith paint bleeding into wood grain.

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I use artists acrylic paints from the craft store , the trick is “not” to thin the paint out with water if it’s too thin is bleeds into the grain, I just flood the entire carve with paint trying not to get to much on the top surface , after I paint I sand the top with 220, and 400 grit to clean it off and get crisp lines .

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And the final clock , Zelda , not my fav but it came out ok …


Got my own MF clock going on for SIL’s birthday. I used a .25" Amana 60 vbit and while it looks OK, a lot of the MDF flaked off. Next time I’ll either use a 30d bit or go for a shallower cut. The clock insert was cut at 1/16" but ended up a bit deeper close to 1/8". Probably need to revisit my steps/mm on my new linear-z, but my test cuts were all too shallow. The flat depth was set to .05" so I’m not sure if that has anything to do why some of the smaller parts got flaked off. I’ll probably re-do the graphics to make those parts fewer/bigger. The pieces in the round engine sections flaked off as did the ring around the cockpit. Other things blended into each other a little too much for my liking.

I’m gonna paint it in flat white and put black in the grooves.


I’ve tried that a few times and it seemed to not help much if not make it worse. Very strange. All a part of the learning curve.

What sealant do you use? I’ve been using pre-stain wood conditioner by General Finishes. It is oil based. I’ve tried a water based one, too but neither one seemed to be that great. My theory was that water is bad for MDF so why would I use a water based sealer? Maybe my logic is wrong.

I try to use a newish blade anytime I do big mdf carves I run my dewalt on setting 3 and turn the feedrare down to 20-30 ipm it’s slow but nothing’s worse than getting 80-90 percent done with a big mdf carve and having som dumb thing chip out and ruin it. My falconclock took 2.5 hours to carve out just the line work