Cribbage Board

Would love to see the plans for a cribbage board that I could make. I have not found one on the net

Type crib boards only for some design ideas and check out Youtube for how to’s. It’s a gold mine…

Should we make a Cribbage board section in the project catalog?

Absolutely! There are a lot of really awesome crib boards made with XC’s.

Ok if anyone has ones they would like to see included please post them here and I’ll get the new category going.

Also does anyone know how to play?

Ya know, I really enjoy designing and making crib boards, but I have never learned to play. I guess since my sisters are buggin me for crib boards this Christmas, this might be a good time to learn!

Cribbage is a fun game. I learned before I started designing them. I need to make some more boards. This was my first 3D carves as well. Still cleaning this one up unfortunately.


That’s a nice one. Is the middle part decoration or part of the game?

Do you have a link to the project file I’ll get it added.

It’s pure decoration. The game is the holes and there’s some carves decorations showing start/finish and corners.

There are a lot of different board designs you can do. I modeled this one after a continuous track board that we use at my cigar shop where I primarily play.

This was done in Vcarve Desktop but making a peg layout isn’t incredibly difficult in some SW packages. I could take a stab at in Easel or just import an SVG.


One issue making crib boards in Easel is that there is no drilling or peck drilling option. Unless that was a new tool in Easel pro. Hint, hint @Zach_Kaplan


Interesting interesting. I think they started a feature ideas thread in the Easel Pro section of the forum.

That would be cool @JustinBusby but I’m pretty sure you can import the gcode into Easel and share that. I haven’t tested it in awhile so I’m not 100% sure if I’m remembering correctly.

It’s 5 total tool paths. I could try to do work pieces but I went SUPER aggressive on settings that I wouldn’t want others even trying it, not to mention it’s custom thickness to the board I had.

I’ll make one in Easel and post. The drilling tool path is a problem. I bought a 1/8” drill mill for holes. All 480 holes took maybe 10 minutes at 60 ipm into walnut and that’s before I tweaked my acceleration settings which may speed it up a decent amount.

Here’s a cribbage board project:

3 work pieces.

  1. Decorations on the board. Shows start/finish lines, corners, etc.
  2. Just the holes. I had to expand them to 0.126" so Easel will use a 1/8" bit.
  3. Cut-out profile cut
  4. Composite that shows everything together so you can see how it’d look. I don’t recommend cutting that piece as you need different sized bits for everything.

I’d recommend duplicating the first workpiece and use the bounds of the inner decorations to add in “centerpiece” decorations.

I didn’t change any feeds and speeds.

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here’s my cribbage drilling. Having that tool path just rocks. So useful


I messaged a bunch of people today but nobody wrote me back yet. If they do I’ll add the category there are currently 11 styles posted.

@Zach_Kaplan please tell me jt was just moved . There were lots of great ideas/projects in that thread. Would hate to see that one gone…

The irony is that i was just about to start making a cribbage board for my dad’s bday and was looking this morning for ideas… grrrrrrrrr

It’s working for me.

Can you post a screenshot of what you see?

I get the same error…