I have spent 4 hours + trying to get the spindle and limit switches hooked up via the header crimp contacts and header crimp connector. What a disaster. This little tiny headache is horrible, and I guess I will give up and manually control my spindle and disable the switches because I simply cannot get the headers to seat in the connector properly. Was this really the best way to connect a few wires to the G-Shield? Arghhh!

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I found a Much Much easier solution header jumper wires, about 40 cents a pieces plug right in. I have enjoyed all the build except this part, I think you should include some of these and pitch the crimping/header connector stuff, my guess is it is the same cost just to use the jumpers. The leads at the limit switches could be slide on connectors instead of soldering.

This is one of those right tools for the job situation. You need a crimp tool that has the small sized crimper, like the one in this picture. With this tool, the smallest size slot is used for those kind of connectors. I bought this one a few years ago at radio shack for about $8. While a Radio Shack might be hard to find now, you might be able to buy the same kind of tool at Ace or Fry’s, or order from Amazon. Some wire strippers have a crimper, but usually not one small enough for these. Using a pair of pliers is also not a great idea, as you need the tool to guide the sides to fold back in on themselves.

Jumper wires will also work. But, “Teach a man to fish…”, right?? :slight_smile: :fishing_pole_and_fish:

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I used my set just like that but the crimped ends still would not stay in the darn female plastic (never “snapped” into place) I would bet very few people have that tool like us, so I would guess there will be more people to struggle with this one.

Where did you pick up those jumpers i need to grab some of those as well. and i take it they are female to female correct?

Yes, Female to Female. I got mine at Radio Shack. I am sure any electronics part store would have them. They have worked very well for me, no problems since I put them on.