Current shipping time

Just wondering other peoples shipping time has been? I just ordered an X-Carve with most the bells and whistles and i know the description said 4-6 weeks + shipping time. Just wondering…


I ordered May 6th, got my ship notice last Friday June 12.

the big brown truck is supposed to be at my door today! WOOT WOOT!

By the sounds of it the shipping times are being reduced on a daily basis as things become more streamlined and they work through the backlog of orders.

Up until the end of last week, they were on time for their estimated 3-4 weeks delivery. Something happened that caused them to slip behind, and there haven’t been any public announcements of where they’re at with shipping yet this week…

@AaronJones - I ordered on April 28, and mine arrived June 10, so around 40 days for me. I recently ordered some small parts and they went out the same day I ordered though, which is great.

Well I guess i will have to wait!

Mine was 3-4 weeks. It shipped at 3 weeks 6 days and comes intomorrow. Needless to say I’m a bit gitty

We’ve shipped through May 22nd domestically and internationally the remaining will be picked up tomorrow.

We’ve changed a few things in the process so if things go well we should be able to catch up to same day shipping soon. By soon I mean 3-4 weeks.


I ordered may 23rd (1000mm version) and it hasn’t shipped yet. Hopefully soon tho, I can barely wait!

Very soon for the 23rd you are the next day on the list.

Any chance for an update on how far (to what order date) you got this week? Thanks

May 26th orders? Be nice to see a shipping update on your blog. Thanks!

I don’t think they are on schedule yet. I hope they are I ordered June 8

Yah, I just ordered one Saturday. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long :smile:

Ordered mine on the 5th. Haven’t heard a word yet…

i ordered june 10 and no words from them. i cant wait. :persevere:

Just got this email from Inventables:

Dear Kalvin,
We wanted to reach out and give you the latest shipping update regarding your X-Carve order. We are experiencing a delay on the Z axis motor mount plates which is a key part for building the Z-axis on your machine and included in all the X-Carve core components kit. The initial delay happened in customs overseas and we are unclear of the reason but are investigating the issue for future shipments of this part. We also had a purchase order miscommunication with the manufacturer that makes the X-Carve logo nameplates included in all rail kits. This resulted in a delayed production for that part as well.

The Z plates are currently being processed through US customs in the New York City area and should be released in the next 1-2 business days. We are estimated to begin receiving these parts into our Chicago production facility by mid next week at which point we can complete the assembly of core components kits and begin shipping those out to customers. In the meantime production will continue with pre-assembly and kitting for all other components so we are ready to go as soon as the parts arrive.

The X-Carve logo nameplates are being expedited through production overseas and we should also have new stock in by mid to end of next week so they can ship out with the core components kits.

We apologize for these delays and take full responsibility for the issue. We are working on improvements to our purchasing process to account for unexpected delays with both foreign and domestic customs and to better evaluate individual vendor performance.

While we wait for the parts to arrive we plan to go ahead and ship out 1000mm rail and waste board kits. These items have to each ship separately by default due to the size and weight of the items.

If you included one or both of these options in your X-Carve order you should be receiving tracking numbers from our system in the next few business days. Everyone will receive a separate tracking number once your core component kit ships. Again, we anticipate being able to begin shipping out core component kits and all additional X-Carve components by mid to late next week.


Phil Lomac
Head of Customer Success

Well, hopefully these supply issues all get worked out soon :thumbsup:

I got the same email. I know it is cheaper to make and ship parts overseas than having them made locally, but I’ve seen the CAD drawing for the Z plate and that would be a simple part make. Might better serve the Chicago economy to have someone local fill gaps when customs decides to do a random inspection on critical parts. I don’t know how much buyer aggravation costs them, but I’d gladly make my own if it would have gotten my CNC to me two weeks ago. Now it looks like it will be 5 to six weeks after ordering before my X-Carve shows up. Not a happy camper.

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I ordered on May 27th and I received the same email regarding shipping time today. I am not happy at all. Based on all the feedback I was seeing about being ahead with the shipments I was expecting to see it last week. Now I won’t see it for another week or two. To say the least, I am disappointed.

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Yep, same here. I ordered May 25th and this is the FIRST communication I have received from them! I get that there can be shipping delays for millions of reasons, but I have to agree with @DavidBrown on this, maybe they could have gotten the parts made locally in Chicago. Its frustrating and I’m not happy either.