Custom Fonts released

We are pleased to announce an update to Easel Pro design capabilities: custom font uploads. This highly requested feature empowers you to seamlessly integrate your favorite fonts directly into Easel Pro for both design and carving.

Using Custom Fonts, you can now utilize the vast selection of fonts available online for a truly personalized touch. Make your next project pop with the perfect typeface – whether it’s a sign with your business’s logo, wall art for your online store, or a gift for a loved one.

To use this feature open the Font Library and select “Upload Font” in the list of options.


Not available for use without a Pro subscription. Fonts can be uploaded but get labeled as “Pro”

So i downloaded a custom fond and it looked like it was in the list but would not work in a project, kept saying my browser needed refreshed but that wouldn’t work either, finally it made me unload all my fonts so now i have to install them again, not impressed. i tried a second custom font just to see if it would work, it said it also downloaded ok but now i can’t even find it in the list, again not impressed. Just caused me a lot of work now trying to load the fonts back in that i have used for years. also the files were one of the types that you said should work so i don’t know at this point. Probably me but i wish i would not have tried it now. Go back to importing the svgs from inkscape with the custom fond i guess.

Update, the second font i uploaded does show up now in the list and seems to work, just wish i wouldn’t have had to uninstall all my other ones.

Please make a font we can type notes, dimensions and instruction on the layout screen that does not carve. This would let us save and share instruction etc. right on a work piece file.