Custom Fonts

We are pleased to announce an update to Easel Pro design capabilities: custom font uploads. This highly requested feature empowers you to seamlessly integrate your favorite fonts directly into Easel Pro for both design and carving.

Using Custom Fonts, you can now utilize the vast selection of fonts available online for a truly personalized touch. Make your next project pop with the perfect typeface – whether it’s a sign with your business’s logo, wall art for your online store, or a gift for a loved one.

Currently in Access Grant phase, you can enroll to test this using the Easel Pro Feature showcase page. Once enrolled you will find a new tab in the Font Library named “Upload Font”, allowing you to attach and use custom fonts in your designs. See the video below for a walkthrough how to use this feature!


Q: How can I use this feature?
A: Visit the Custom Fonts Feature page and enroll by clicking the button. When you return to Easel you will see a new tab in the Font Library labeled “Upload Font.”.

Q: What kind of fonts can I use?
A: Easel will accept TTF, OTF and WOFF file types. Please note, some files may carve better than others.

Q: Is this a free Easel feature?
A: You’ll need Easel Pro to carve (or export gcode from) projects that include Custom Fonts. You can still design with Custom Fonts as a free Easel user.

Q: Can I remove custom fonts? What will happen to my designs?
A: You can uninstall the font you uploaded at any time. Any projects that included text with the custom font will be changed to non-editable versions of the text. You can re-upload the font at any moment, provided you have the font file.

Q: Can I share my project with a custom font? Can I copy a project with a custom font?
A: You can share and copy any projects with custom fonts. To edit the text in the custom project, you need the same font installed to your account with the same name as the original creator. When copying a project, the associated font will not be copied with it to protect intellectual property rights.

Q: When will this feature be available to everyone? What will happen to my projects set up during the testing phase?
A: We are planning to launch this feature shortly, after a brief testing phase. The projects and fonts you have uploaded will stay with your account when access to Custom Fonts is made available to everyone.

Q: My design looks weird and the fonts don’t carve as I expect them.
A: If you are a paying Easel Pro subscriber, please contact our Customer Success team. Do note that some fonts are optimized for screen and may not carve as expected.