Cut Time On Project

Can anyone tell me how I can get my time down on this project? Three hours for a door hanger seems awful to me. Thank you in advance for your help.


I would up the depth per pass to .06 and the plunge rate to 12 to 14. That will make a big diference. That is with a 1/8" bit.

@PattyWolf looks like you are really getting the hang of using your x-carve. congratulations on getting it going and using it.


On my simulation it says 1h 19min - did you change the settings or is the predicted time that but actual time 3hrs?

1/16 bit 0.1 Depth per pass. leave everything the same you can always slow it down when you start carving. Got 23 min.

You can see that you might be able to go deeper if the tool is not fully engaged. But I always follow the “no deeper than half the tool diameter” rule also


Get the right bit I do 0.1 all day long. CNC Spiral 2 Flute Plunge Solid Carbide Router Bits Downcut - - Industrial Quality

Thank you all for the advice. You don’t know how much you all help me in these situations. I print all your advice and go back and look over my notes. So helpful. I am thankful for all of you!

I am a work in progress. All this amazing help!

HI Mike

I never use material any thicker than 1/2 inch and all of my designs are similar to this. Which bit do you recommend?

Are you using a 1/16" endmill on 1/2" material? Most 1/16" endmills only have a cutting length of 1/4".

When using a 1/16" endmill on 1/4" material, I run at 70 ipm, 40 plunge and 0.03" DoC.

When I cut things like this, I would not tab any of the little circles on the outer band. I would just let the dust collection suck them out.

Part of the problem with the cut time is, if you are using a 1/16" endmill, you would be making 16 passes per cutout to get through 1/2" material. I would go with thinner material, or a larger endmill.

These usually take about an hour, and you can see, there are a significant number of small cutouts.

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So what would you recommend on this?

I am using 1/4’ LuAnn, 1/16 bit… and it says my design will take approximately 2 hours. This is roughly what my design will look like

Can you share your project, or PM the link to me? I’ll take a look and see what my times look like.

Here is one I am doing right now. I am going to send you a pic of the bit I am using. Someone advised me to get these bits.

Thats incorrect. The machine cant handle it. the bit can.

I find that the machine causes the breakage. The same bits one on a tormach and one on a hobby machine same speeds and feeds, the better machine the bit lives.

Phil, these are cheap bits? If so I do not want to use them. Will cause me more trouble than it’s worth. Do you have a recommendation on bits? The only thing I cut is 1/4’ MDF

The recommended bits are cheap bits. Unless you run a business and better bits make sense business wise. I have a variety of bits from expensive to cheap on a variety of machines.
If the machine bounces/ deflects a cheap bit then size matters.
On a better machine with no backlash the then it’s the settings that matter.
My point is there are a variety of factors in what causes bit breakage. Everything from machine rigidity, material type, bit type, bit material, bit size, bit quality, and machine settings, all tie in together to determine bit life and bit death. :skull:

Patty, when I just open this and simulate it, I get a cut time of 57 minutes. If I change the cut settings to 70 ipm feed, 40 ipm plunge, and 0.03" DoC; I get a cut time of 33 minutes. Are you still getting 2 hours?

Also, those bits look like burrs. I’ve tried burrs and didn’t care for them. They almost sand, rather than cut.

For 1/16" bits, I would suggest these: 1/16" (.0625") CARBIDE 2 FLUTE ENDMILLS, DOWNCUT FOR SOFT PLASTIC 1650.0625.250 | eBay