Cutting Boards

Latest project of some cutting boards. Boards are roughly 12"x16" made walnut, padauk, & monkey pod. Boards were made up then hit them witht he xcarve to route out the design and then filled with a resin inlay.


Really nice. Tight inlays. Perty colors… :+1:

very nice. I make a lot of cutting boards and was thinking about something like that. I am going to need to give it a shot now.


Nice! What kind of resin are you using?

It’s an epoxy resin from home depot… standard stuff. I pour a few drops of acrylic paint for the coloring.

i just made a cutting board and was wanting to put a resin inlay in a carving. i have never tried it before so any detail would be helpful.

how durable is resin when cut with a knife?

You should try wood inlays next. It seems you have the process down so why not step up your game another notch!

I used a 2 part mix epoxy resin from home depot. The key is to make sure you measure parts equally to the resin to cure properly. Mix slowly to avoid bubbles and I mix in a few drops of acrylic paint to add color (can use any color). I mix in a squeeze bottle and then pour into inlay. I pour just slightly over the carve and let dry for 48 hrs. Then I use my planar to get the overflow of resin off. Hope this helps. Alot tighter inlays with resin and easier!

Resin is a very durable and hard surface once cured. Will hold up way longer than any wood will in my opinion

I’ve sold quite a few cutting boards…one thing to keep in mind is most people are buying them not to use them as cutting boards but as a decorative item. So wear and tear is rarely an issue.

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Haha Exactly! Ive been warned from other people that make them… dont make them to nice or people will be afraid to buy them and use them as they are too cool.

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thanks Nicholas i will either try that or the inlay. little afraid if the inlay because of the font i am going to use. i guess i am afraid of breaking all the pieces putting it in the board.

Really excellent work, nice and crisp lines. Do you sell these or are they gifts?

I’m sure everyone is aware but just in case check out ‘mtmwood’ on youtube, he’s the CNC/Cutting board/Inlay master.

mark I have watched his work for a few years and he is better then a master.

phil I am leaning more to the inlay and v carving would be great but I just have not found the time yet to learn the program. I am a work in progress. it is a demo board for an open class woodworking show at or county fair so I want it to turn out sharp.

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This is one I made awhile back. Turned out pretty decent I suppose.


Very Nice! simple and elegant design!

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I’ll join the party

I also have to agree: the colleague I gave it to said ‘No way i’m going to be using that!’

It’s a nice compliment, but i’d rather have them use it for what it was meant to be used.

Nice work but you might want to do some research in re walnut and food safe. Walnut carries a certain toxicity to it that prevents its sawdust from being used in mulch/compost, for example (it kills plants). I have used it as an accent in cutting boards but have always felt a little nervous about using it as a main species for these reasons.

Again, though, nice work!