Cutting vinyl record

Can anyone help me with this problem.
I’m trying to cut pictures on a vinyl record

And I’ve tried a lot of difent bits,
but it will only be as the pictures are shown
I have tried different speeds and different depths,
but the result will be the same every time.
In the pictures I have used 100 ipm and 75 ipm

Use an upcut bit, instead of an engraving Bit, but please use the search section to find more information about this topic because I’m not well-versed in this and are many topics about this

I have even used upcut bits but same results.
I´ll search the forum and see if there bis some answer
Thank´s anyway

Blow air on it to help keep it cool. keep upping your IPM would be my second suggestion, maybe with a increase in RPM.

Vinyl is really soft to work with. Imagine carving a stick of frozen butter with a warm knife. Too slow it will turn to mush.

If you were carving CCW I’d say too slow, if CW your plunge rate is too slow. (the lower right looks closer to desired results) Maybe fast IPM with a shallower cut and more passes.

I have return from just a moment ago and I did not find any help

I have yesterday looked in to his (GlennMDutcher) hints and today I have tried it
but I have destroyed 5 records without any luck

100 IPM and 75 IPM is nowhere close to 200 IPM that Glenn used.

I did a couple experiment with the speed
from 75 to 350 ipm, but no luck

What was your Depth of Cut and your Plunge Rate?

What are your current GRBL-settings for these Kristian:

$112= ?
$120= ?
$121= ?
$122= ?
Also, what is your router RPM?

While your feed rates may be fast you may be slowed down by conservative acceleration rates when doing complex curvature. If something melts during carving reduce RPM and/or increase feed rate.

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The records is about 1,8 mm thick and I set the depth the first time
at 1.8, no luck, second time 1.5 mm , no luck
And I tried several time with starting depth of 0.5 mm up till the end 1.8 mm
same results :disappointed:

I guess I misspoke… I’m wanting the Plunge Rate and Depth per Pass from the Cut settings menu:

I don´t now about the curren GRBL-settings (how do I check that)
the router RPM is the lowest on my DeWalt.

Press Ctrl-Shift-D in Easel.

Please Jim
Transfer that to mm please


What´s the idle settings you think

Feed really fast (take the heat away), low rpm setting 1( less rubbing), shallow so you can keep feed up

Type in google “XX in to mm” and it will show the difference. It’s not hard.

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  • Open Easel
  • Press Control+Shift+D on keyboard
  • In Command box type in $$ and press Enter, a $xxx=yyy list will appear.
  • Copy and paste the $110-122 values here
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