Cutting waste board on the CNC for X-CARVE

Has anyone made and cut their own waste board for the X-Carve.

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I was about to Neal, was going to save few bucks and order my machine without it. Then I learned that the waste board kit has a lot of hardware including braces and extrusions and a bracket than holds the machine to the waste board, and of course also the threaded inserts. I went ahead and ordered the kit, deciding I could make the MDF portion when this one wears out. I bet there’s a way but with a brand new developed machine, I figued why take the chance.

@NealShafto You can use the technical drawing on the large shapeoko wasteboard as a guide for building your own for the X-Carve.

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I am planning to, I ordered parts based on the list that I got from this topic. I likely won’t make it ahead of having the rest of the machine built.

The shipping for the waste board was not worth it for me considering it is less than 1/2 a sheet of MDF. I don’t mind drilling a few holes to install the threaded inserts.

In my case for a 1000mm x 1000mm machine, ordering the needed parts along with a sheet of MDF saved me some money and I don’t think cutting and drilling the board should take more than an hour or 2.


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I live in Canada and the cost of ship to me is not worth the inclusion of the MDF, so I am going to make my own. I am looking for the cutting codes for the cnc.
Thanks for the reply.

thanks for the help, cutting my own saves a lot of $$$$$ in shipping cost to Canada

I asked the same question to be sure and here is the reply:

MAY 04, 2015 | 12:43PM CDT
Sam replied:

Hi Scott,

The 1000mm rail kit comes with all the brackets, extrusions, and hardware to build the frame. The hardware to mount the wasteboard to the frame are in the wasteboard kit.

We will not have the dw611 mount for a couple of months.

Samantha Jo Alaimo
Customer Success Specialist

Looking at the build instructions, people should add :
2 packs of 10 Pre Assembly insertion nuts 25281-02 and
2 packs of 10 button head cap screws 25286-15 20mm M5
so you have what you need to bolt your own waste board down.


Has anyone sealed their waste board to help keep it from warping?

Yes, I used Minwax High Performance Wood Hardener which stiffens it from the inside out. I have used it on woodworking templates for years and they stay flat, last longer, etc. Depending on the waste board size you will likely need a pint. Dries fast and darker and leaves no residue.


Have you found anyone who has done it yet?

No I have not heard from anyone, if they have they are not sharing with the community.
I had to cancel my order for the x-carve as a family member left me with a debt of $21000.00 to pay in a bankruptcy claim.

I was very disappointed with that added to my debt load, that’s what I get for co-signing for a family member, never again will I be so stupid.

Really miss the opportunity to have the x-carve, will be a long time if ever to get the funds for one.


From @DonDespain recommendation, I picked up a can of the Minwax Wood Hardener. There was enough to cover both sides (and edges) of my spoil board, as well as one side of my 42"x42" plywood tabletop.

That is the fastest evaporating substance I have come across! I would pour out small portions into a container (maybe 10-15% of the bottle), load up my 3" foam brush maybe twice from that, and it all would have been evaporated. It’s fine, just make sure you’re on your game once you expose that stuff to the air :slight_smile:

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Really sorry to hear about your circumstances.

I cut a secondary wasteboard on my xcarve came out perfect

great work, enjoy the x-carve, please post svg

This guy is giving his SO 2 away in a free raffle:

Maybe your luck will change. Best of luck to you.

Thanks for the heads up I entered and have crossed everything I have for good luck.

Has anyone shared a Easel project or any Gcode for cutting the 1000 waste board? I plan on cutting my own to save a bit but figured I would check if anyone was willing to share a project they have already built since I am very new to all of this.

Edit: Looking for the standard hole pattern with countersink as I want to use the clamp set kit.

Thanks for the link . Have you noticed that the note on the drawing 30300-03 the note is incorrect? It says all dimensions are in inches, but it looks as thought they are in mm. Can you or someone else have a peek to confirm this?

Yeah, the wasteboard is roughly 1000mm on a side. Don’t make a 1000 inch board (83 feet)! Or if you do please post pics!