Cutting Wedges

One of my other woodworking hobbies is woodturning. Occasionally I make segmented pieces. I am in the process of building a “Wedgie sled” for my tablesaw. I want to use my X-Carve to cut the wedges for this. They are basically wedge shaped pieces with precise angles. Any idea on how to do this within Easel?

Depending on how thick/wide the wedges need to be, would this work? (There are three steps, each on a separate workpiece.)

This was the ticket!!!
Thank you

While you’re at it, you can engrave the angle of each wedge into the side of it… That’d be pretty sweet.

@KimberlyFranzen. @ChristopherNilluka Someone on the forum made a wedge sled an posted on the project page. I made it. It works great. I check and see it I still have the file and I will share the link for you

@KimberlyFranzen @ChristopherNilluka I found it. Here is the link to my file:

Nice! All of the common segment sizes, ready to carve in a single file. That’s an efficient file.

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I’ve used this sled a number of times. I think you will be very happy with it. I love mine and will be using it again very soon. Wood turning is a lot of fun

Here’s the thread for my project from awhile back. Scroll down till you see my post about the “Wedgie Sled”

These are fantastic!

On youtube a german youth named Marius Hornberger made the wedgie sled on his x carve GO to youtube type in Marius Hornberger and you can browse his videos I think he will be more than willing to help