Any wood turners?

Asking because I ran in to a jig for the table saw that pretty much cuts pieces for segmented bowls perfectly and is adjustable. I plan on designing the jig/sled and cutting out on the XC, I will load the gcode up if anyone is interest.


Yep, always interested.

Having sold my last lathe some years ago, I’ve been looking at getting something new.

That would be awesome. How I made my last bowl was a pain.would be nice to have a jig to cut every thing out the same

Since I got my X-carve, I haven’t really touched my lathe too much. I was hoping to run projects on the machine, and while that was running, I could turn a bowl or something on the lathe…hasn’t really panned out, lol.

This “wedgie” sled has been around for some time and has been appearing on more and more woodworking Youtube channels recently. (Frank Howarth showed his variant a day or so ago).

I built one without using the XC (it is actually quite straightforward) but have been toying with the idea of using the XC to cut some wedges.

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that is what i plan on making, also making a longworth chuck.

This should be able to clamp up to about 22 in diameter bowls.


Anyone have an Easel template of individual wedgies in the angles needed?

Yes I am a wood turner. I mostly do segmented turning

This is the segment sled I use… there are plans on his website, importable SVGs for the wedges and importable sketchup files. I did use my X-Carve to cut the wedges, but the sled is simple and simply used the tablesaw and drill press.

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` I am a wood turner also, i mostly use a vacuum system on both my Oneway and Stubby. I am in the same state of mind most of you. Since I got my Xcarve I haven’t touched my lathes in over a year until recently. I paid for both my lathes turning large salad bowls, platters and hollow forms.

I just designed my own wedgie angle boards last night and am in the process of cutting them out this morning. I made 6 from 30 degrees to 15. We’ll see how they turn out.

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Here’s my project. The sled is cut out of 1/2" ply, the wedges I cut out of 1/4" cheap ply. I actually used a 60 vbit, for the lettering and then an 1/8" for the outline; 2 separate carve operations. I used the 22.5 wedge this afternoon and it’s right on the money. Yay!! So far, I’ve made 4 segmented rings, glued em up and 2 are on the lathe drying. I’ll add the other 2 layers this evening and then start carving Monday evening.


Ha! Carve, Turn, Weave, Chop…it’s all the same to me. :wink:

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I’m a woodturner and segmented turning is my favorite turning. I’ve been using the Wedgie sled and wedgies for couple of years and they are awesome. I used the X-Carve to cut out the wedgie for 16 segments and it worked beautifully. I rarely use anything other than 16 segments but it’s nice to know I can make a wedgie for any number of segments I want use!!

Thanks for sharing your project!


I cut/glued a bunch of 8 segment rings for a bowl I’ll be turning this week. It’s actually my very first attempt at doing this. I sure hope it goes well. After seeing it all glued up, I wish I had used more segments per ring though.

I hope it goes well for you. I LOVE segmented turning; there are so many patterns you can make that even Mother Nature hasn’t thought of. I would love to see you post a photo of your results here.

I’ll rough turn the inside few rings tonight, then glue on the final ring, then wait…then hopefully turn the rest tomorrow night. I’ll post when complete.

I am going to make the wiggles tomorrow. I have a fixed sled to cut 12 segmented rings. I would like to do other size segmented rings. Doing the segmented turning is a lot of fun and is very rewarding. I would like to incorporate some CNC work on the bottom of the bowl or even on the inside of a platter.

Well…last night I was rough turning the base and first 4 rings and just finishing up. I loosened the tool rest lock and slid it out of the way to inspect my work and show off my progress to my sweetheart. The tool slider slid back just a tad too far and fell off, striking the concrete garage floor and breaking apart. Arg!!! It’s a 50+ year old vintage Sears Craftsman lathe. Now I gotta figure out how to fix that or get another rest. Crap!

Later that evening…my daughter runs into my room just as I was climbing into bed for the night to tell me the clothes dryer is making all kinds of noise and smells like it’s on fire. What?!!

It’s only money…right?? :wink: