Detail tear out

get a lot of tear out when doing finer details using a Vbit, anyone got any suggestions on how to avoid/minimise

ruined a 12 hour carve

What size vbit are you using?
Are you using Easel?
what DOC, Feedrate and spindle RPM are you using?

6mm 20 degree, aspire, feedrate 60mm a sec rpm is fairly low

Sorry to jump in here, but are you v-carving or just carving on a line?

What is your depth of cut?

For v-carving, I usually have my feedrate a third of what you are using. I use 45 inches per minute, about 20mm a second.

I find a nice slow feedrate for v-carving produces a much better/cleaner cut.

First of all it should not take any where near 12 hours to carve that text using Aspire.
Second 60 mm/sec is close to 140 inches per minute which is very fast, I would certainly slow that down.

Are you using the Vcarve toolpath in Aspire? From the picture it looks like it is trying to do a pocket cut for the text.
Unless the text is very small you would be better off using a 45 or 60 deg vbit.

With the 20 deg vbit you may need to set a depth limit to prevent very deep cuts, if you use a 60 deg vbit you can let the software cut whatever depth is needed which will dramatically speed up the job.

As for why you are getting the tear out, that is most probably due to the high feed rate. But honestly I would be more concerned about why a simple vcarve is taking 12 hours. Carving the text in the picture should take less than 20 minutes.

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the entire carve takes 12 hours, the text is just the last part of the whole job

carving on a line 4mm, I’ll try slowing down the feed rate

4mm depth of cut might be too much as well. Very aggressive.

sorry 4mm final depth but in 1mm increments

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What else is being carved that takes so long, the picture only shows the text, do you have a full picture?

whole job is about 350X450mm

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I would v-carve that. You will get much better results.

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And like @AllenMassey said, a 60 degree bit would be much better.

If you vcarve it it would only take about 30 to 45 minutes.

the text isn’t very big a 60degree bit would be too much for this text

will give vcarve a try

I have done letter engraving down as small as 3/16" text height with a d.o.c. of about 1 mm with a 60 deg v bit with no tear out issues.

Remember, smaller text requires shallower cuts to avoid the top edge of the cut overlapping each other.

Give it a shot on some scrap, you have nothing to lose except a bit of time.

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ok will do a test run with a 60deg bit

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