Dewalt 611 Airflow Diverter

You could use an online 3D printer:

I’m heading out of the country for about 10 days, but when I return I’ll try and get one printed out if you don’t already have one from some other outlet.

Did anyone figure out if the screws to attach this which are apparently self tapping and fit into the spindle lock are metric or imperial?

I’d prefer not to eat into the existing threads with the wrong size screw.

They are identical to the screws you remove from the base of the router…just about a 1/4" longer to make up for the added thickness of the diverter. Picked them up at Home Depot

Just as an FYI, I got #8 X 3/4" from HomeDepot and they seem to fit fine.

I redesigned this in Alibre so I could 3D print it and it is not the same size though.

Thanks for the gcode file, it works great.

The only other thing people need to know about this file is that it uses the center of the object as 0,0. Important to know when you are setting up the piece.

I’ve been trying to find some screws also, I bought some #8X3/4 from Home Depot but they were machine thread and different from the dewalt screws do you have a SKU# or something that I could cross reference. I took one of mine to a Mom & Pop hardware store today and they said it looked like a thread for plastic and they didn’t have anything that would work.

Any help is appreciated as I already carved the diverter and am looking forward to seeing how it works.

I used M4 socket head screws, just tapped out the holes in the plastic…worked really well!

when you say tapped out the holes, is that with a tap & die tool? I am having reservations about messing up the treads.

Yes, the black plastic piece that holds the yellow button. I tapped out the 2 original holes with a M4 tap.

Got home 40 minutes ago and said screw it. I got some self tapping screws from Lowe’s with very similar thread pattern and just went and did it. It’s fine. Now I can’t wait to cut something and see the difference. Thanks for the reply.

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Great post thanks a million. I just got my 611 installed and running and it blows better than most yard blowers that I have seen. This should help a lot.

Thanks again,

That air blow is benefit to me actually, I have brush covered Dust Shoe, air blow cleaning chips and dust from cut lines, helps to suck out everything in that chamber.

I cut the diverter out and it looks great, but I must not understand something because it looks like if I attached it to the 611 it will block access to the Collet nut. What am I missing?

Very very cool MathesonHarris. I too would like to have one sent to me if you have time.

you can do away with both the top lip and even a quarter of the thickness and it will still operate fine and give you room to get to the collet

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I had to do the same thing with my diverter to free up access to the collet, works just fine.

what size screws did you use to secure it?

I picked up these from Lowes and they worked great after I reduced the thickness of the bottom of the diverter.

Thanks, one last question. Did you need to remove the spindle mount to install the diverter, or were you able to get it attached working upside down with everything in place?