Dewalt 611 Airflow Diverter

Found this on the Cambam projects page. Redirects the airflow out to the side so that the air flowing through the router doesn’t blow dust all over the place before your dust collection can take care of it. Works great!


Thats great. So can you post file or Gcode.

Gcode file for 611 (123.4 KB)

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Is there an easel project for this?

Ive never learned the best way to convert gcode to be recognized by Easel. Im open to any info on this! If I have a .nc file, I just use gcode sender to cut on the Xcarve.

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What bit diameter did you did you use with this g-code *.nc file?

Yea I’m only using easel right now as i have had issues with UGS. Anyone out there taking a look at this could try and convert it to an easel project?

Paul, Ive found that UGS is mostly about the setup. It doesnt do the walk-through setup like Easel. But if you zero your machine out with it manually, it works great (as long as the gcode is written correctly)

David, I used a 1/8" endmill for this project.

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How thick material you used, I try 0.75 MDF, I was almost diving waste board than stopped.
G-Code was prepared with CamBam, Some point Z goes -4.0. It is scary movie. :slight_smile:

I used 0.75" MDF also. Make sure you zero out your machine before starting. The approach Ive found to work quick and easy is to use UGS controls to touch the bit to your workpiece, unplug USB and plug back in (this zeros out the machine). Both sets of numbers should be zeroed out now. From there you can start the job. If you do this, the job should work perfectly leaving three tabs attaching the diverter at the end of the job.

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Was the file done in metric(mm) or imperial(inch) units? 4mm wouldn’t be scary. 4" would.

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Just opened up the file, it is in metric (G21) mode. Dont be scared :wink:

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I found the original cambam forum post with the files :smile:

And confirmed they used an 1/8" endmill and 3/4" MDF

They included the original file in *.cb format. (a cambam file)
DWP611-Diverter.cb (19.4 KB)
I used a trial copy of cambam to export this to a *.DXF format
DWP611-Diverter.dxf (5.9 KB)
And a online converter to convert that into a *.svg format, which seems to have lost its size info and has some alignment issues :frowning: But may be a good start point for a Easel version.

EDIT: actualy looking at the original cambam file the conversion is perfect. Which is weird because the files does not match the carve geometry. There is a little “lip” around the outer edge, etc. I am guessing that the rest is part of the cambam cut settings?

I will see if I can come up with a better SVG conversion.

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Ah very cool and thanks. Also how are you connecting this to the router?

Updated SVG and a basic Easel project based on it.
I am not too sure about the scale and alignment.
Please feel free to test and update your own!
(Once I get my x-carve built and working I will give it a try)
Once it is all good someone should make it a public project! :smile:

(The holes are too small to drill with a 1/8" bit so I tried to make a little divot around where the hole goes so you can drill it after.


Paul, I connected the diverter using screws just a tad longer than the ones on the router…maybe a quarter inch longer

So i finally got around to installing the new mount for my Dewalt dwp611 on my X-carve today. And let me tell you this thing is a FREAKING BEAST!!!. i haven’t really had a chance to play with speeds and feeds so far on it but it has taken everything i have thrown at it and very precise and clean. Now i just need to find some really good 1/4 inch shank bits for it in some smaller diameters and this should be very fun. Still need to cut out the air-diverter but man oh man this thing is really fun now.

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Hey Paul, get this or something similar so you can continue to use your 1/8" bits.

Just uploaded a 3D model of this I created to Thingiverse. I’m new to Rhino and the way I modeled it off the DXF file, you’ll have to flip it over before you print it.

It is currently printing. I’ll post a picture. I thought it would look nicer in grey plastic than MDF.

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Very cool @MathesonHarris. I sold my 3d printer last week so i cant print this. Is there anyway you can print one of these out and mail it to me. Just Let me know the price and i can paypal you or however. Thanks