Dewalt 611 auto on/off / waste board Hades

Great you got it working.
Time after time I have seen people over complicating their wiring setups with that particular power board.
That power board is really only useful when using a DC Spindle (its a giant MOSFET for speed control).
IMHO Using it for controlling a relay is really not that efficient.
The IOT relay was made just for these purposes and is much more user friendly for controlling an AC router.

Jeremy - how do you have your IOT relay wired?
Please advise

Are you using the X-Controller or the GRBL Shield?

grbl shield

Follow the directions:

Make sure you pay attention to what version firmware you are running.
So for example, version 0.9 and above, hook the relay up to pin D11.

If using version 1.1 see the wiki:

Set max speed $30 = 0