DeWalt 611 dead!?!?

Well, after only a handful of projects, it seems that the DeWalt spindle is dead… I’ve put in an email to inventables. It should have lasted waaay longer than it did. I really haven’t used it anywhere near as much as I’ve seen others do. It’s just wierd. The led lights come on, but it doesn’t spin up. I took the top cap off. I noticed that one of the springs for the brushes was not installed properly. It was hooked around the wire and not pressing on the brush itself. I’m wondering if that was something to do with it.

Dewalt doesn’t die that fast. Most problems are brush related. Either high speed usage kills brushes or like you said brush wires installed improperly.

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As Alan suggested check the brushes and make sure they are seated properly. They should last a good while, but maybe something isn’t making proper contact. There is a video somewhere on how to replace them that will show you how they should be installed.

It would also be a good idea down the road to keep a spare set on hand so that when they do eventually wear out you wont be dead in the water.

Here’s a link to the brush video:

I doubt Inventables does internal QC on the Dewalt spindle as it’s a brand product.

Maybe contact Dewalt too and see if they can be of any help?

good luck

Move it on the brush and see if it fixes it.

The spring keeps pushing the brush against the rotor so you probably just wore out what was there and created a gap.

I did. But no go. It looks like the opposite side is worn down a lot more. So that could be the issue. If I replace the one brush, it may work.


Here is a video of inspecting and changing brushes

Thanks. According to inventables email, I guess I’ll have to deal with DeWalt service to get it fixed. Or take the chance it is the brushes and replace them. Neither of which I am really looking forward too…

What do the brushes look like?

I didn’t pull them. But one side was a lot more worn then the other, since the spring wasn’t installed properly on that one I assume.

Replace both and give it a try. Most likely that will solve the problem

I had the same thing happen.
I think mine lasted ~3weeks.
Inventables was good enough to Immediately send out a new one.
I bought a spare for “Just in case”
Also, keep spare brushes on hand.

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I wish that was the case with me. It’s only been 2 months since I ordered it. Less then that by the time I got all the parts and assembled it. But alas, I have to deal with DeWalt service. Would have been nice to at least have inventables just send me a set of brushes since most likely that’s what is wrong with it. Oh well.

I recently picked up a set of spare brushes to have on hand when my originals wear out.
13.00 +/- on amazon

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I have my makita for 3 years now. Never replaced the brushed, but seeing these topics I think it’s time I started looking into it… :see_no_evil:

I’m on year 2, what the remaining lengths of yours?

I don’t dare to watch :see_no_evil:

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Please contact the DEWALT service center they can offer a fix or replacement. We are supposed to send customers directly to them for support. If they don’t solve the problem we can work directly with our DEWALT distributor to get a replacement.

Yes, that’s what the email I received from inventables said. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of a project and under a deadline. I also work until 430pm and the DeWalt service closes at 5pm. No time to make it there. I wound up purchasing another router locally and next day shipped a replacement set of brushes in hopes that is the problem. To be honest, i could understand if it was 8 or 9 months down the road, and having to deal with a DeWalt warranty issue. But being that I had less than 2 months of use, it should have been handled by inventables. But oh well.