DeWalt 611 Non-destruct Automatic Spindle Control

@ErikJenkins I’m REALLY new to this (like, tech support got me rolling this morning). I assume the M04 and M03 get edited into the gcode before it’s brought into UGC? I tried that and it doesn’t turn my 611 on.

try to type in the commands in UGS and see what happens.

make sure it works for you before adding it into a gcode file

try to turn it on with an M03 command

I tried the M03 command in UGS - it returns with OK, but the 611 doesn’t start up.

Try M04, mine doesn’t start with M03 either

Stupid fat thumb…I meant M04 doesn’t start it (but neither does M03, for that matter)

Check your wiring, make sure the switch is on logic…

Also verify that you are using the correct pin on the arduino.

Which pin on the arduino? That could explain a few things… I went just like in the top pic in this thread. S+ and S- on power interface to the +/- on the relay, the spindle switch on the power interface was set to logic (even though it’s set to off in this photo), and the 611 was powered on, plugged into one of the normally off outlets, and the power switch on the relay was on.

Do I need to change up how it’s wired?

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I can’t tell in that photo where the black and yellow wire are attached on the arduino…

From the left, pins 4 (yellow) & 7 (black)

So is that pin 11 and Ground?


The yellow wire in the picture (Logic) goes to pin 11. The black wire (ground) goes to pin GND.

Make sure your header starts on the first pin (pin 8).

Sorry…black wire (ground) goes to the gnd pin…

Yeah - that’s the way I have it all wired.

Switch on the relay to reset?

Put the dewalt switch to on?

Send M04 or M03 and try it again