DeWalt 611 Non-destruct Automatic Spindle Control

Thanks to @AlanDavis and his wealth of knowledge, I am able to operate my DeWalt 611 spindle automatically through Easel just like the stock spindle, by purchasing this sweet 12VDC input from Amazon.

Here are a couple pics - it requires no soldering or any mechanics of any kind. Just plug it in and insert the positive and negative wires.


Will for sure be my next upgrade once my Dewalt mount comes in! Will be handy to have the dust collection come on and off automatically as well.


This box have mechanical 15 amp relay in it. It’s more than enough for Dewalt, but I’m not sure how much power draws your dust collection. Haven’t been tested yet. But You can buy AC to AC solid state relay for Dust Collection, connect it to this box’s output for wake, it works on same time without question. Personally I don’t trust for two power hungry devices connected to same relay box. My dust collection is 2HP, controls by Solid State relay with heat sink on it. Instead of starting on same time, I connected remote control ($16.99 from Walmart) turns 115 power to wake up that relay. I can turn on/turn off anytime I need, not all the time. If it make sense.

Can you post a link to the AC to AC relay you are talking about? My dust collection is i think 4 HP

4 HP, uh. This one is the basically relay you need.

Thanks Alan!

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Is it just a shopvac? If so it is 4hp peak… And they are not talking about motor power sadly. If it was 4hp you would need a 20Amp circuit at 120v just to power the vaccum. You should be fine to fun a shopvac on a 15 Amp relay…

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Oh now that is cool


I think he said dust collection, that’s why I jumped. Yes, shop vacs works.

At the moment I am using a shop vac. but soon will have a dedicated dust collection!

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He could also power two of the originally proposed switched outlet strips from the same 12v output…

I really like this, and I’m eyeing one of these for myself. But my concern is that it looks like if I plug my shop-vac into the “normally off” outlet, so that it comes on with the machine, there will be no way to vacuum up any loose bits after the machine turns off. Am I correct? Thoughts on this?

I have a similar setup. For now I am lazy as flip the spindle control switch to “on” when I want to use the Vac.
I also have a smaller shop vac I could use.

Eventually I plan on getting a dust collection system setup which will fee the shop vac up for other things.


Just an FYI for anyone interested, I just ordered the relay in the original post. Amazon just dropped the price from $28.95 down to $19.95. Throw in the $5 amazon gift card I had, and I got a pretty sweet deal at $14.95, with my free Prime shipping!


Figures…I paid full price a couple of weeks ago :smile:

:laughing: I’ve had it on my wish list since this thread popped up but I’ve been too preoccupied to do anything with it. Jumped on it tonight when I saw that.

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Works well. I like it and thank you all for finding it and discussing how to use it!

So 2 quick question. 1st this relay is to control power to router right. And second the yellow and black wire controls what. I’ve decided to skip the homing switches. Which means I really wouldn’t need to solder on to the g shield, I’m running Dewalt router. Newbie here

Wow, that looks very organized, looks power plant. I’m sure you’re planning to put some dust cover on top. Great job.

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