Dewalt 611 Spindle Lock Device

I have been looking at the different methods of locking the spindle on a Dewlat 611 when changing tools. I was looking at the method of raising the router and putting a screw through the router mount but was VERY apprehensive of doing so in case I forgot to remove it. I thought about it careful and I have designed and 3D printed a small unit that you push over the spindle lock button and it keeps it locked in place whilst changing the tool. It is very easy to use and only takes seconds to install and remove. If anyone is interested I have placed the design on under the title Dewalt 611 Spindle Lock. It is FREE to download and use the file. I would appreciate feedback if you print it and the design.


Nice i think i could use something like that.

Thanks - Downloading and printing now!

I don’t have the 3d printer but anyone willing to make one to sell?

Whereabouts are you? I’m in the UK. I could print one for you.

Hi Allan, works pretty well thanks, I’m wondering what you modelled it in? I use Fusion360 (wondered if you could share the design) - just wondered if it could benefit from the short arm side wrapping round a bit more? It grips bit it also pings off quite easily.
Great idea though - Thanks

I only used Tinkercad as I dont have Fusion. Never had a problem with it coming off but please feel free to modify it.

Are you pushing is on from the front or the bottom? I use it straight from the front

Straight from the front - will keep playing!

Thanks for sharing the spindle lock design.
Super easy to use, and printed off nicely for me.

that is awesome! thank you so much for uploading the file

Many thanks for the file. It fits like a glove and works even better!

Awesome idea & design! Also no 3d printer. Have any luck in finding someone to print it?


That looks to be 2d, could likely be made from baltic birch or possibly a few layers of hardwood.

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Yes, i wonder if mdf would work or a hardwood? May give this a try. Thanks for contributing this.

Something similar to this came up randomly on a Pinterest page I stumbled over a couple of weeks ago, but I was busy looking for something else and didn’t run it down at the time. I was looking here to see if anyone had posted an EASEL version to carve on the X-Carve. The one I saw on Pinterest looked to be from HDPE. I was looking here to see if possibly someone had made a CNC version before I designed one myself.

This SVG is taken directly from the STL that @AllanFryer created, found here.
The original STL is a bit messy (The name looks like it was designed in TinkerCAD), so this SVG might need a bit of cleanup.
Terrific Curcan-Jaban

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Thank you Neil. I need to send a thanks out to Allan and I’ll do that on Thingiverse later. I’ve got one 3d printing in PLA but I’m skeptical about durability…in a school shop, everything’s got to be beefier, and of course, there is appeal in using the X-Carve to make accessories for the X-Carve.

I’m going to draw it up as an EASEL lesson for my advanced class who are working through combining shapes and making accurately sized objects. We’ll try it in 1/4" HDPE

Hello. When you get it drawn up I would like to get a copy if possible.

I’d use PETG if your printer can do it. Should have no problems.

I could have one of my students recreate it in Inventor or Fusion 360… The DXF could be imported into Easel or converted to an SVG.
That said, I’d just start with the SVG I created above. That’s what the 3D prints look like.

That might be too flexible? Maybe 1/2" if you have some.