Dewalt 611 uk version

evening guys ,im sure this has been answered before but cant find it on forum so thought it best to ask again .i am trying to get a dealt 611 for my xcarve but have discovered that its an american tool so is 110v ,is there an equivilent model for the uk that i can buy and if so is there a mount for it ??


It looks like the D26200 is the UK version:

so would the 611 mount hold this then i wonder ??

I would be surprised if the mount didn’t work. It looks identical to the 611 I installed this weekend, and I found a reference to it as the UK version of the 611.

it does, I have upgraded it.

Hi does it have to be a dewalt? I’m in the UK and was wondering if any other router would fit the mount. Thanks mark…

Just to let everyone know the Makita trimmer router fits in the dewalt bracket all you have to do is cut cardboard the lid from the controller box and slip it inside the housing for the dewalt and if fits snuggly enough.
and being £60 cheaper its worth cutting the cardboard box up.
for all my cutting paths with a quarter collet 60 degree cutter I’m using 2000mm/min and a step down cut at 3mm speeds the job up no end ,the long 1/4 cutter that comes with the x carve howls a bit in kiln dried oak
but theres no stopping the little Makita
regrads paul;