DeWalt DWP611 Spindle

Did anyone having a plan how to wire it?

Not yet but probably just do some simple zip ties till i get it all dialed in then will work on prettying it up

How to perform, good question. All I can tell you is, 1/8 straight flute bit, 0.3" deep, feed rate 150, material MDF. Perfect cut, also cutting edge is decorative edge, lots of zigzags, sharp turns, no mercy. You’ll like it.

Wow you had it cutting at .3 with a feed rate of 150? with a 1/8 bit? How did the stepper motors perform? any drag or whining? im curious as to how it would do in black walnut, sugar maple, etc. thats mostly what i use. but glad to hear it h as some speed to it. how do you have your mounted right now till you get your mount in?

No error what so ever. I have no belt problems anyway. Spindle speed was the key. I finished devine Dutch clock frame with all V carving in 20 minutes.

I made my mouth, you will have better and more solid holding mouth. I’m telling you, you’ll like it.

As I wait for everything to arrive, is there a collet for the dwp611 for 1/8" bits?

Collet is very expensive. I purchased adapter.

Im glad I read this thread, I just ordered the collet reducer! I didnt even think about the collet size for the 1/8" shanks!! lol, Thanks.

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Any worry about additional run out with the adapter?

Just found the collet online…very expensive. I have a couple of adapters I used in the trim router in my first CNC machine…I think I will go with that. I don’t remember where I got it, it has been a few years.

Collets for DWP611


There are cheaper ones but slipping. This one worked for me.

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I have post on Projects section for Dust shoe Paul. You may want to take a look at it.


@AlanDavis where’d you get the brush material?

Just open word file, you’ll see material list and links.

Just out of curiosity are there instructions for installing the mount? Do you have to remove the z-axis motor or just build the mount around the z -axis makerslide?

Instructions were added to the build directions…

Mine should arrive Thursday. The wait is killing me.

That is what I purchased months ago. Looks and works like the stock collet/nut.

Mine came. Was tight for my 611. Had to pry open the extrusion to get it to slide in. You can slide the cylinder all the way down into it, but the yellow head will be up against the top of the mount.

Just add 4 v-wheels with spacers, Two using the eccentric nuts. Slide the whole thing onto the rail until the two holes line up with your delrin nut. Screw together with the two screws included.

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