DeWalt DWP611 Spindle

Check prices, 5~24V wake, 120~220 relay. If you see too expensive, let me know. Message me private.

@Sisco, @AlanDavis Thanks for the ideas! I’ve got a SuperPID coming, so I’m going to have to do some surgery on my 611 anyway. That should also take care of controlling the power to the spindle. Has anyone noticed any problems with electrical interference from having the AC lines near the stepper motor or homing switch wires?

Wish I was more knowledgeable in electronics! I would definitely want to do the relay thing! Maybe I can just pay you to build me one, Hahaha!! Nice job.

Did you just relay the hot and run the cord from the Dewalt to the plug, run the hot through the relay VAC and just jump the gound o the other plug and then from the second plug to the wall outlet, And the 24V arduino to the relay VDC?

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And I guess my second question would be, you mentioned 5~24V and 120~220V, So if I were o get a relay that was min 3VDC, Max 32VDC and min 24VAC, max 380VAC. would that work?

Of course it works. I meant must be DC and AC. Not DC to DC or AC to AC.

Preferably using Hot leg AC to relay is better, when you’re not using it there is no hot AC in the router. But if your wall plug turns around, it will still work,but when stop, router still have + on it. I marked plug not to turn.


Just noticed, but that black molded case on your router wire, it has four clips on both sides and comes right off. It’s kind of deceiving… They make it look like a ferrite core, but it’s just a plastic case with a magnetic security sticker in there. :smile:


This one should work, but you would need to use a 24v to 12v DC to DC buck converter for the input.

“This is a power cord that switches 120V AC (up to 15 amps) with a DC
control voltage of 3 VDC @ 3mA to 12 VDC @ 30mA. This device gives you
the capability to turn your power on/off remotely using a very tiny
control voltage! It is big enough to control major loads: pumps,
lights, appliances, etc.”

Found it on eBay, ordered one for myself…

PowerSwitch Tail II
Item price $29.40
Quantity 1
Item number 121327497382
Shipping service Standard Shipping
Total: $33.85
Estimated delivery Friday, Jul 17, 2015

I’ll end up opening it, removing the plug that comes out of it and solder one a plug that has two outlets, so I when the spindle is triggered it will turn on the router and a dust collection vacuum. :wink:

EDIT: Note that this will not work right out of the box, you will need to use a 24v DC to 12v DC Buck Convertor on the input line.

That is the ferrite core, comes with Dewalt Router. Promise I didn’t steal it. :slight_smile:

I took mine apart to put on my newly soldered cord because I thought it was a ferrite core, but it’s not.

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You kitting, so what is that??

Hi Guys
I am planning to buy either Dewalt 26200 ( will the following work as my relay.
Obviously I have to house in an enclosure.

You know when you buy something and somewhere inside the box you find this white security tag? It’s a white plastic strip with a small metal strip inside it. They use it for security to make the alarm ding when you walk outside the door. The black plastic bump on the router cable is actually just a case to hold one of those.

Edit: It has one of these inside it…

@Sisco Any issues with cutting the notch in the Dewalt mount to access the spindle lock button? If not, that is my next task.

Not at all. The spindle mount still has plenty of surface area for contact and support. It works great and I do not regret it at all.

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I feel sooo stupid. I’ll rip’m off. I was trusting that I was saying I have ferrite core.

That’s the one you need. It works. Don’t make it hot in the box. Those things gets hot. Just leave some ventilation window, and I suggest put piece of aluminum plate under, would be great if you can mouth with thermal compound.

It’s 12VDC input. You can’t use 24VDC output for Dewalt start-stop.
This one I found on Amazon;

Alan I don’t understand your statement. The solid state relay that Chandra referenced is 3-32 VDC trigger and 24-380 VAC line voltage so it would turn a router on and off just fine.
The relay you linked to is 5-110 VDC output rated so would not work for an AC router.


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