DeWalt DWP611 Spindle

I sent that message to sisco, he post plug and play relay from e-bay, which is only up to 12VDC on wake side. We need 24VDC. here is the link he recomended.

Is that clears my Statement?

My bad I thought you were talking about the relay Chandra linked to.


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I didn’t notice that, but it’s an easy fix for me with a 24v to 12v dc to dv buck convertor. I’ll fix that post when i go on lunch so no one sees it and orders one.

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Thanks Alan I will do it when I get my router.

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I was wondering if someone with a 611 could tell me the diameter of the main cylinder of the router. I have a DWP611 that I bought around a year and a half ago. I got the mount for it for the X-carve and it doesn’t fit. The router cylinder is too large. So either DeWalt reduced the size of the cylinder sometime in the past year and a half or I received the wrong mount.

It’s a very, very tight fit. You need to pry the spindle mount open and push the router in.

I was able to pry the mount open and get the router in after a huge struggle. However, I am fairly sure the router I have was not meant to fit in the mount I have. The gap where the three bolts go is around 3/4" and the bolts that came with the mount are not long enough. This is why I am thinking my router is larger or the mount I have is smaller than it should be.

I found the same thing at first. It needs to be in and moved into the right position and the screws will fit.

Core Diameter is 2.7". Make sure you have DWP611,
Also make sure cable goes to right side when you look from front end.

The 611 I have also has a 2.7" diameter. I will mess with it some more when I get home today and see if I can get it to fit.

Hello all,

Received my mount today and noticed some rough spots along the top edge of both the ring and square surface. Anyone else notice this? Am I being too picky?

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I got mine in last week, it has a few little dings as well, but I just used a black sharpie and you can’t tell at all anymore. BTW…nice name!

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Mine was dinged up even worse than that. I was surprised since the X-carve unit was perfect and the small spindle mount was pretty dinged up. The box was not damaged at all, so my guess is they were slightly dinged up prior. I used my wife’s black nail polish to fix it.

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I expect that those dings and dents are coming from the factory where they through the mounts coming off the cut off saw into a big bin to roll them to the next op. The Chinese are not noted for deburring there work.


Here is what mine looked like.

I just used some fine sandpaper and deburred mine and then used a bit of black nail polish from my wife’s collection. It smoothed in pretty well and even filled in a rather deep gouge. At first I was going to call to return it, but then I decided to just fix it and keep it because I was starting to feel like I was pestering them since I already had to contact them a few times as I noticed first that my drag chain did not come in my box, and then that I had the wrong delrin nut and was missing a set screw, and then as I was nearing completion I found I was missing a few more M5x10 screws to attach the X-carve to the wasteboard rails (I discovered later that I wasn’t mising the M5x10’s but that the directions for the 1000mm version called for M5x10’s, but actually was suppose to use M5x8’s (which I did have). The directions have since been fixed.

Yah, I just used a black sharpie on mine, the little nicks don’t bother me…it’s a tool, not fine china.

I agree, but it would have bothered me less if the nicks and small gouges were not as noticeable, but being anodized in black, the nicks are like little neon signs. lol

Thanks guys!

I was just surprised after the stock spindle mount was so pristine. Installed last night and was amazed at the capability of the Dewalt. 100 year old white oak cut like butter!

Anyone played around with the speed settings?

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I did a relief cut in African Padauk (nice hard wood) using a 1/8" ballnose bit. I cut at 50 ipm, plunge of 30 ipm, the depth was up to 1/4" and it had no issues.

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