Dewalt release knob

Hi just made the know for the the dewalt 611 so I don’t need to use the wrench when changing bits are You surpose to take the knob off when in use or leave it on the router ?

This one? 3 minute upgrade for easy tool changes on Dewalt 611

‘Don’t need to use a wrench’? That doesn’t sound like a push button knob for the yellow spindle lock mechanism. Sounds more like something to release the collet. You need a wrench for the collet don’t you or did you figure out a knob for that? I’m confused @ScottBongiorno

Never said push button it goes on the collar so u don’t need a wrench to take out the bit

No it goes around the collar so u don’t need the wrench

Do you have a pic?

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I believe he is referring to this …

and he is asking if he should leave the tool changer on the router when running or not…

@ScottBongiorno I haven’t made one so I am not sure if you should leave it attached or not. Hopefully others can weigh in on the topic.


I would think that a hunk of oak/wood spinning 16k RPMs is a bad idea…take it off to cut.


Yes that’s it thanks

Ok will take it off thanks

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Thanks for the link, the grammar and your spelling.
it’s amazing some people (not you) have time to critique posts but not include useful information like pictures or links.

Somebody call the grammar police