Dewalt Speeds


does somebody have reliable settings for cutting MDF with the Dewalt?

I am looking for Feedrates etc with a .125 bit @0.063 inches depth, stepover is 0.0125, 20000rpm, plunge rate 18.75. :smile:

With MDF and a 0.125 inch bit, I cut at 75-100 ipm with the dewalt set at 3. I usually take a deeper depth of cut, 0.10", and a plunge of 30.

I would love to see this expand with what everyone uses…

I use plywood. 1/8 downcut bit. Speed 3-4 on spindle. And 1300 mm/min. 2mm depth of cut. Seems to work great so far.

For the dinosaur puzzles, I use a 1/8" downcut endmill in 1/8" tempered hardboard. I cut in 1 pass at 70 IPM and DOC 0.125"

Thanks everyone! I will see how it comes out! Now I only need to find a Gcode sender that can take large files (30 MB and bigger)… ChiliPepr seems to crash the whole browser when i try…

For big files I use UGS. I use chilipeppr most of the time, but big files choke it.

Oh ok thanks I will try that! Is there a tutorial for how to use it? (especially the zeroing out part)

Not sure about a tutorial, but here is a thread with some info…if you use chilipeppr, you can figure this out.


I was cutting a 1 inch deep cutout into Ash yesterday (which i think is hardwood). I used my Yonico 34211-SC .25 bit and my Dewalt on 2 or 3.

Pass depth was 0.12, Stepover 0.125 and the feedrate 75 ipm, Plungerate 20.

While i was cutting, the machine really had to fight hard once it got to the last 2 or 2 passes of the wood. The power in the garage started flickering slightly, and it looked like forces of hell were trying to break the machine and its enclosure apart.

My Question: When I use G-Wizard it even proposes crazier settings ,like a feedrate of 258 IPM for this cutter with the parameters above.

What am i doing wrong and does somebody have settings for a bit like this that work for cutting profiles in hardwood?

Were you cutting a deep and narrow (bit width) slot or profile cut?


I was basically just trying to cut out the shape I made. So as wide as the bit itself and about one inch deep.

For deep and narrow cuts like that is very important you clear the chips from the cut. With a down cut or compression bit it is even more important.

You may even need to pause the machine and use a small screwdriver to dig the chips out.